Sunday, August 31, 2014


There is another organized group from Sicily that has gone virtually unnoticed for years because of the rural area that spawned them.  They are the Ndrangheta or Honor Society and they are made up of approximately 100 families in and around Calabria.  They are now the largest organized crime group in the world with around 5,000 members worldwide.  Their structure is very close to the Cosa Nostra but most members of the families are related by blood and in some villages all the men belong to the Ndrangheta.  They are huge money makers by any standards because they pull in around 44 billion Euros a year or roughly 3% of Italy's GDP.  Over 60% of their cash comes from drugs.

Many years ago men from the Ndrangheta immigrated to far flung corners of the globe and with them they brought the Ndrangheta. They developed contacts in place like Columbia where they got close to the cocaine traffickers.  A lot of people think the Mexican cartels are in charge of cocaine trafficking but what they really are is the middle men.  The large Colombian traffickers from Medellin and California saw their empires and their freedom taken away because they imported cocaine into the US. So they found willing and able partners in Mexico.  The Ndrangheta formed a coalition with the Colombian traffickers and now they are the biggest cocaine importer to Europe.  They surpassed the American and Sicilian Mafia in that area.  They do work closely with the Mafia and in fact I’ve written about them before. They also move a lot of heroin.

They have operated for a long time in the US but have remained unknown.  They have been here for 100 years going way back to extortion plots in rural areas where Italians worked.  They had a long time member Vincenzo Coluccio in Los Angeles who was just deported on August 27 by Immigration and Customs. He was picked up by the DEA in 2010 for possession of methamphetamine, cocaine and a pistol. The Italian government wanted him back where he is wanted for drug trafficking.  They claim he is a high ranking member of Mazzaferro Crime Family based in Calabria. He was in charge of exporting the cocaine from Los Angeles using a courier system as well other methods to move large amounts overseas. They would have couriers pick up small carry on bags with compartments to carry the cocaine and they would book their travel from Los Angeles to all over the Mediterranean.  All these trips were book through Mirage Travel Agency which was owned by a Greek Italian.  Rocco Coluccio, an Italian American, was the long time head of the clan in Los Angeles until he was killed in a car accident and that is what brought Vincenzo Coluccio to the forefront. There was a coffee distributor in Inglewood, California that never really sold coffee but a few known Italian drug traffickers would stop by and then leave.  There was a similar one in Brooklyn near Henry and Union Streets. I am sure the Feds are keeping an eye on them.

The Ndrangheta controls Organized Crime on the East Coast of Australia since the 1920's.  They had a war in the 1960's over the Victoria Market in Melbourne which moves tens of millions in fruit every year.  They also imported more than 14 million ecstasy pills hidden inside tomato cans from Calabria.  This was the largest bust of pills in 2008.

They are very big in Canada because Canadian banking laws make it easy to launder cash profits.  They are in Spain which they use as a distribution point for Europe.

The Ndrangheta will continue to grow and become a bigger criminal organization as long as there is a war on terror keeping law enforcement busy.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Eddie Boyle Irish Gambino

The Government called it the Boyle Crew but I think it is safe to say it was just a loose group of changing Organized Criminals that were mostly associates of the Gambino Family (but not always).  The Government claimed in the indictment that the so called Boyle Crew led by Edmund "Eddie" Boyle stole 1,970,151 from banks by punching out the night deposit boxes. They made special tools so they could grab the bank bags of cash deposited by businesses over long weekends. They would search all over for banks in area's with a lot of business and that catered to them.  This loose group of thieves was the only group taking down scores like this in country.

They also charged Eddie, Letterio DeCarlo and Tommy Dono with killing Frank Hydell for the Gambino Family.  Frank Hydell was a nephew of Gambino Capo Danny Marino and he was also the brother of James Hydell who was kidnapped by the Mafia Cops Louis Eppolito and Stephan Carracapa.  They delivered him to Lucchese underboss Gaspipe Casso so he could torture him and then kill him because he believed that James tried to kill him. Frank Hydell, whatever his reasons were, decided to cooperate with the Feds. He gave up 10 to 20 crimes committed by Mobsters. He also alerted the Feds about a burglary that was going down in New Jersey in 1998 where they were caught in the act.  The Gambino Family gave the contract to Thomas "Huck" Carbonara who in turn enlisted Edmond Boyle, Letterio Decarlo, John Matera and Tommy Dono. On April 28 1998 John Matera, who was a close friend of Frank Hydell, lured him to Scarletts Strip Club. Outside the club, just after midnight a Lincoln Continental sat idling in the parking lot of Scarletts Strip Club on Staten Island. The men inside were watching the front door and a white 1998 Camry when they saw Frank Hydell exit the club at 12:15 am two of the men got out and started walking towards him. Frank had just opened his door when Eddie Boyle blasted him 3 times in the back.  The Lincoln, driven by Huck Carbonara, pulled up and they made their getaway.  The car would be found a few miles away still running with a .357 Pistol under the front seat. Tommy Dono would be proposed into the Gambino Family for his part in this murder in 2001.

Who is Eddie Boyle and how did this Irish criminal get so close to the Gambino family? Eddie was a great car thief and he was valued for it. That was his main part in the bank gang. He grew up in the neighborhood and his family was close to Hucks.

He has been in the news lately because he is trying to get a new trial by using the so called Withdrawal Defense. What this defense is basically is because he was charged with RICO all his crimes have to committed in a 10 year period as part of a conspiracy.  The Gambino Family is just that conspiracy but Eddie is claiming that in 2003 he walked away from the family.  He claims that he told Huck’s wife that he was done with the family and for her to tell Huck.  There are a few things wrong with this defense.  Why would he just tell Huck’s wife, when he could easily pass the message himself.  This is the same defense that Junior Gotti used but Baby Gotti actually went in for a pro offer session with the prosecutors.  He actually gave up guys like Danny Marino and Joe Watts.  Eddie should have done that before he claimed the Withdrawal Defense. Things do not look good for Eddie because he was already doing 12 years when he went to trial for the murder of Frank Hydell.  He was cleared of being the shooter but guilty of racketeering conspiracy.  The judge ruled that the evidence showed that he was up to his ears with the Gambinos so she sentenced him to 20 years.