Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mafia cannot beat time.

Time is the one thing that none of these Organized Criminals can beat. They FBI has both time and money, even if some Mafia guy gets away with things for years, they always have new Agents to take a fresh look at them.
Today the Mafia is a young mans game. It is not a retirement plan, they will not take care of you when you are old. If you are lucky enough to dodge indictments, to get out with your life. You may move to Florida. Many will sit in Social Clubs and play cards never leaving the area they grew up in! I have watched many guys come out to nothing, time has passed them by and they became to old to hit the streets. Today guys like Pete Milano and Jimmy Caci are done, their time has passed. Many of the people they knew are gone, time has taken its toll. They are the last of them. What has Pete Milano done in his lifetime? The guys he knew and the deals he did. All the LA Family guys in its hey day, he knew. Dragna's, Licata's etc. He was around Ohio when his family ran the place. Jimmy Caci knew Russell Buffalino, Jackie Cerone , Joe Piney and many others.

Today we have guys Like Tommy (Man Boobs) Geoli locked up crying. The blog his family put up to cry about how he is being treated is the best! They blame his health problems on the system! The guy was a garbage can his whole life. He put shit into his body and now age and time caught up to him. Stop eating the crappy food! I wonder how the people he robbed furs from feel? Did they need the money? Where they afraid? What about the guys he had killed?
When he had his boy George Tropiano in a biz taking cash to him was he to old and sick? I hope George left this earth by now.

Maybe the young guys will see how their leaders in the Colombo family act. They still have time not to take the same path.

The Persico's will be finished soon. Time to get a real boss!

It is to bad Tommy Karate did not pay George Curly Fenelli what he had coming. George the little fat guy dodged that bullet.
The Feds will take care of him soon!

Kenji OC

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  1. ken how much this guy pete milano make in his lifetime? i bet he has no regrets unlike others who cant take the weight. you know what your getting into, like my aunt she didnt know herion in 77 would ruin her life to 2010, she got the ninja, my peace. you regret it we all know.