Friday, March 19, 2010

There is so much going on in the world of what left of the Mafia! The Feds continue to steam roll over the New York Families. They try to shut down the Chicago machine known as the Outfit.

These groups enjoyed almost 100 years of uninterrupted rule over the underworld. Today these third or fourth generation Wiseguys never even get a chance to breath! The Feds are all over them!

There are a few that could have left the life behind. I decided to give out some awards here on my blog. My first award will go to Theodore "Teddy Do Over" Perico Jr for all the hard work he has put into getting my "This is pretty much the last you have seen of me RICO Award!"

I have some great quotes from Teddy. “If it was up to me, I’d go get a gun and shoot them, or stab them, or beat them up when I seen ‘em,” You can’t fuck with them because you’ve got everything to lose and nothing to gain by getting physical. I can get physical all day long.” Those were Teddy's new words! Now I will give you a few of his best word that I personally recorded!

"I don't need you to clean it. Just give me the gun," "Look, I know how to shoot. Just give me the gun," "How do you keep a pistol with f- -ing dirty bullets in it in the first place?

Those were some of Teddy's greatest quote. I was with Eddie Garafolo at his truck lot on Butler in downtown Brooklyn one day. This was before he moved to his Staten Island truck yard.

Craig Marino, a Persico Cousin and some other Garafolo's were with us at the yard. Teddy called and asked Eddie to send stuff to him in Greenhaven. I was put on the phone because Teddy wanted some pictures of porn stars sent to him. That was the day that Teddy lost his freedom. Yes he never even really was free again. I put the FBI onto his ride home from prison. I gave them his coming home party. I made tapes on the first day he was home. Teddy moved out of his mothers into an apartment and I was there to tape him. I was wearing a wire the day he was freaking out on Carmine in front of his mothers home. Teddy was upset about Carmine bringing dirty pistols to us when we needed them. This was a comedy of errors on so many levels! The pistols were junk, they were rusty, dirty and without the proper ammo. Carmine had no gloves, so Teddy told him to wear his socks on his hands. Eddie Garafolo was right there with us! I would go to the Big R truck lot many times and I made many tapes on Eddie and Teddy while there.

My next award is for the Guys who had it all and then stepped in Poop! The WINNER is Michael Persico!  Michael is a guy who just could not help being pulled into the family.
Carmine The Gimp Persico did all the heavy work so he could have a prosperous family. Soon Michael will join his father and brother in prison.  The Feds will hit him with more cases soon, even while I write this the are working on an indictment.  Frankie Blue eyes gave it up!  This will take care of Michael and Teddy Persico Sr.  The killing of Allie Boi's ex-wife's boyfriend was another waste of family resources.  This should wake up what is left of the family!  They have had illegal leadership for years! Time to take back the Colombo Family and run it as a real crime family not as the Persico's personal fiefdom.  Micheal had it all  the Mafia name, highly successful business, homes and freedom

Enjoy the week!  Kenji OC


  1. minchia!

    This sure is a true crime dark comedy! Too bad Rodney Dangerfield ain't around to write the jokes for this one. This ass-backwards bunch a mooks have had too long of a run here, and this kinda shit started to become a joke as far back as their internal war (Columbo war circa '91-'93), and when they killed Wild Bill they became unglued with Allie's nepotistic ego and jealousy(then all hilarity ensued).... the victims have my sympathies (Bill Jr. for one), but this whole lineup of mutts need to be put down like dogs ...Jokey's done,Allie's done... now Jelly tits, Tedwaste, and smirking Michael, who likes to shoot guys in the dick, will now have to now pay the piper.

    Him and his Dad can hang out with Bernie Madoff for the rest of their lives....

    Innocent until proven guilty..... sure I'll give'em that, but

    let's face it..... Little Orphan Annie has a new fuckin song;

    the mutts ain't comin out- tommorow
    bet ya bottom dollar that- tomorrow
    They'll be gone

    Need I go on?..... Karma really is a bitch, and you will end up living with her.... you can't kick the bitch out either. Your stuck with her.

    Go ahead haters....knock ya socks off.

  2. well said.these fkn retards are all halfbreeds anyway.their mothers were not the looks of them they were all shit out.the fathers did a good job destroying their sons.what a fkn disgrace they are.the best they could do now is suicide.karma is a bitch.what a circus.

  3. Who are the real Haters?, Billy Jr. is a Victim now?, Theres alot of Hate coming from the originator of this Blog and also NYHC,
    For starters Billy Jr, is not a Victim, as he was also a crimminal, his Father was the originator of all the problems, and he was outwitted by what you guys call Gimpie, Ally Boi, Jokey, and so on, Facts are that Billy Fingers attempted with others to take over the Family on more then one occasion, he wanted to Kill all the Persico's, Then the Game was on, and The Strongest and Smartest won, now you guys portray him as a Victim, he Victimezed alot of Persons, and most of them law abiding citizens, it is now poor Me, Greg Scarpa Sr. once told Billy fingers "When did you become a tough guy, Your Just a Hamburger Flipper", now If Billy Fingers would of Just kept Flipping Burgers, and they would of killed him then I would agree with you, but he tried to become a Tough guy, in a tough world, he did not succeed, and once again for the third time Gimpie won the war, you can trash Him, and call him names, but one thing no one could ever say is that Gimpie is not the Legit Boss of the Colombo Family, he is as real as a Gangster as they come, and he will Die a Gangster, thats the Life he chose and thats the Life he Lives. Little Teddy, Kenji You Fooled a Desperate peson that was already in prison for 16 years, and too boot since he was 23 years old, The words he Spews are the Words of a Convict, ge cant feel any pain, as he was given a harsh sentence at a young age, and cant feel any pain from incarceration, he has nothing, he does not miss any one, he has become Immuned to Incarceration, theres nothing that can hurt him, and your on here proud of your self, that you were able to Fuel his fire and get him to say stupid things, just remeber that you wanted to be like him, but you couldnt do it because your weak minded, and a Coward, just like Billy Jr., Maybe if Teddy was Given, Just Punishment for His Crime, and served a 5 year sentence, it may of Rehabilitated him, and Maybe he would of became a Law abiding Citizen, Not a Convict, so maybe the system made Him what he is. Kenji your trying to Make Money from his Miserys, you already got a Pass from jail, why do you still try to ride off his back, if you are this great Undercover Snitch why dont you go after the Child Molesters, Rapist, Drug Dealers, and the persons involved in child pornagraphy, an the slave trade, if you did that then you would be a hero, not some washed up convict, that you got him 4 years in prison for trying to collect, a debt from another gangster, by extortianate means.

  4. gimpy is a gangster on everybody else's time.he called all the shots after being a RAT by defending himself in court and trying to blame everybody else for his stupidity because he couldn't take the incarceration.he admitted in open court there was la cosa nostra and a colombo crime family and ralph scopo sr acted on his own in the commission what a gangster.he is a cancer to all his relatives.look how many families he ruined.he's a rat just like his son.his son couldn't satisfy his wife so he went around and had others of course kill the men who were fucking pathetic.would you like a list of everyone who went to jail because gimpy was a rat?child please these persicos are imposters.the gimp even made his brother ally take a murder rap for him.gangster,i think not.sociopath is more like it.neopolitans trying to be sicilians.a fraud and a joke.

  5. TIKTOK so much time has gone by..thought u were done bein on MY dk. Guess not. The pusicos ARE child molesters' and into porn, deal drugs wtf r u talkin about? Greg is dead. he died a fag, as he was a RAT for 50yrs. You glorify him? u dk..and Gimpy, he was a rat since 86', so another rat u r enamoured by. Yea my father did own a burger joint and he did flip burgers..and at the same time would of flipped ur skull for ya'..hahaha Greg, my father afraid/. What a joke. Greg and gimpy were what 140-160lbs at 5'4" father would have snapped him in half if need be.

    aaaa, poor teddyboy. ur cryin a river for is a jailer, its not his fault..blah blah blah..= pussy once again...always the cryin' to the judge...Gimpy, "pleeeze dont bury my son for my sins..its not his fault his last name is pusico..."lololol. R U FUKN KIDDIN ME..and THESE are the so called TOUGH GUYS u want to cheer about? Lets face it all ur fag buddies are locked up or snitching and u r running out of time...lmmfao...somebody will come adopt the luchesses need a punk RAT like u. I never asked for any sympathy..I set out to find my father and I did..and I did it w/o hurting anyone but the pussys who did him in. Be careful who u cheer for, people will EVENTUALLY know who u r......=-)and u will be exposed for teh RAT that u r....
    B4 I leave ur sorry ass, why didnt u ever go ask my father the same ? that u say greg said to my father? WHY? oh now ur NOT a tough guy..
    If i were u i would make this one of your last posts...I know all u r is a "fallonious moperer" but these days they will be able to nail u for everything that u ever did...which my guess is NOTHING. But they do have the power to subpoena any computer at any time if they see fit...u r on the cusp, so please write back and rebut everything i said. GIMPY=RAT, ALLIEBOI=RAT, MICHAEL=A DEF. RAT, and TEDWARD, hed likes boyz and men and is illiterate so he wll go back home and finish up his assaholic life giving away his cake to bubba in the can...So all of this= inbred, not 100% italian, admitting to the Col. family AND being a part of it..= RATZ, and they are ALL DONE..STICK A FORK UP THEIR ASSES...LMMFAO.....
    So mr ILLITERATE u were just as bucktoothed and dumb then, let me know if u want me to put up your name and let the intenet know WHO U R....hahaha................TIK TOK, TIK let me know if u want me to mention u in the


  6. Hey Jr., On your D*ck?, you have mental Problems, You are the Definition of a Rat, and you use the word freely, like your some type of stand up guy, didnt the guys from your neighborhood take loans from you and beat you, then you use to run to Daddy, Yea I am Lying (Drew D.), Next I am no tough guy, or am I a Crimminal, or do I claim to be a Stand-up Guy, or do I care about your threats, and I am not glorifying or crying for the Pussycos, I could care less if they all rot in Jail or Hell, and you really dont know who I am because if you did, certain threats you made, are way off, you weak minded Liar, fraud, heres one of your quotes "I will say anything you want me to say, you want me to Lie, I will" thats why you were terminated as a Rat, you say you hurt those who hurt your Dad, What did Joey Green eyes do to your Dad, Idolize him before and after Death, Petillo, Guccione, they all did nothing to him you Just ratted on them, because you a Rat, face it your no better then any of the Pussycoats, your at the same socioapathic level as them.
    Write your Book you might sell 100 Copies, at the Drift store, if you can sucker any publishig house to publish it.
    Take Care Rat B*st*rd
    you weak minded Punk.
    Didnt your wife tell you, you can never satasfy her the way Danny use too.
    Over and out, Dont forget to write the Chapter in your Book how Great God was to your Father, when he Prayed to him everynight with some of his crew while they were in MDC.

  7. another bit of two cents,

    Yes, as much as everyone mentioned on this blog were in the life, but the day Bill Sr. got touched and disappeared for close to 10 yrs. Jr. and his family WERE victimized by so called friends...

    Bill's wife WAS A CIVILIAN and she had to also endure Jagoff DeRoss crossing her home's threshold for his earnings regardless if they were ill-gotten. Way too greedy for one with blood on his hands... what class.

    Jealousy, greed, backstabbing, and no brains brought the Persico faction down and you at least admit that, but truth be they could'nt leave it a that. They had to add salt on their wounds by shaking the Cutolo family down.

    Bill Jr. did the right thing by using one stone (FBI) to kill multiple vultures.

    I should have said the Cutolo family because at the time they were all victims until Jr. fixed all their asses.

  8. green eyes was a retarded dk. The feds fooled him by telling him i was gonna testify against him, when in fact that was not the case. Andrew Didonato didnt beat me for money jrkoff, i didnt want to see him get clipped so my father saved him when he sat down w/lenny dimaria....u should do a better job on your homework. Not a tough didnt need u to put YOURSELF down, i As for my wife, I dont and neither does she know who Danny is, so nice try. You ae a TRUE PUSSY..and i mean that because u have never said i would lie what i said was i didnt comit the extortion and i said if the judge asks me i am telling the truth..NO I did NOT extort anybody. Why dont you go on Cosmopolitan Mag. site and start your own dear u have no facts...I see your STILL jealous of me..too bad too sad..and your broke too. I wish i could help u...NOT...Thank God I have money..and its money i made on my own..not because of DADDY. I am set, my children are set, and to boot they are geniuses'. So STOP being'll get laid some day...u bitch..just spread your legs..hahaha....I had my share and i am why i am w/my wife for 20yrs...and you? guessing not..and as far as me knowing who this is...I TOLD U JRKOFF everytime u write one of your baby girlish rants, we ALL know who and where its coming from...SI....=-)....lots a luck to u fag....LMMFAO..I will say it now FUCK GREEN far as the downtown guys, they know i didnt hurt them...i still speak to some....asshole. Green eyes was taken down by sally botz...Andrew was a punk too. He was shitting after Robert got clipped..he was warned and he never fked up again. Mikey Y was gonna kill him...C'mon please write your name..dont u think people want to know who this computer tough guy is...NOT, i really dont care....gotta go, gotta see a man about a horse...and then off to buy a new car...I'l be sure to let u knw what i bought...what do u think lexus or infinity?? Black or pearl? this is the last time i entertain your boy molestering pig. U cannot address me happy blogging to ya..get a life and stay off of here and stop riding my dk already......u r a disgrace to ALL. Especially YOUR go get ya fkn shine box....haha



  10. hey 143 post, yur just jealous of billy because he has a beautiful wife and family.your the pussy mr anonymous.ya better hope juniors not around for your threats just facts.junior is more of a man in his pinky than u have in your fat fkn thatz funny..goodluck to u and the RATZ the pusicos.....bitches

  11. Yea, Yea, Billy Jr is a Man, he is a coward punk, rat, fag, mut, and a braggart, punk take this adress, your shiny lexus, and all your money, dissapears when you wake up, its all a dream to you, just like your still dreaming that your a stand-up guy, which you never were, or were you ever a Man, your a weak minded Child, as only a child would blog the way you do, again my point was that the bottom line is, that you speak all this Bull abbout the persicos, but they Won the Game they Play, and you Lost, they are in prison but still in control of their Crime Family, and I am not glorifying them, they are Skum of the Earth Just like you and every one else that Lives life Like Animals, you have no glory from society, Society really hates and despises all you people, but they Despise Snitches even More. Entertain that. and no one is jelous of you or anything you have is meaningless to me and to Most, remember that saying goes that those who Claim to have dont have, so dont under estimate who your really talking to. theres 3 sides to every story, your side, Drews side, and the truth, but I believe that what Drew Testafied too in court was close to the truth, yours is just total opposite what he testafied too, and Drew Was really from the Street, and you were not, so Drew story sounds like the winner, maybe he will say it During Filmming soon to be released, oh By the Way Kenji, they didnt Involve you in that Production, because they Got real Rats, to go on it.
    Later Fool, does it Suck Living in Hiding, a Real Man would never Hide, even if he is a Rat, But a Punk Rat Like you Jr. Hides in a Hole, I heard that a Bunch of well Known Rats, Just Had Dinner at Tourmina's.
    PS How Old Was BettyAnn when your Father Hooked up with Her, 17?.

  12. i know the crew my whole life n yes a lot of stupidity transpired threw the ranks but the word just got out that dom from si is being lookd at as a ci he was in jail a few yrs back n may have had contact with some colombo associates n was getin aproached by the feds n now may b a ci so be carefell if u r messn with a guy dom drives white range rover n is a person who keeps out while his crew is getn indicted month after month so be careful its coming from a good source(law enforcement)he likes to bully lil 20yr old kids and is geting the label as a ci just found out hes driving a dark color car he just got so stay away if u dony want to be next

  13. the persicos are fucked once and for all and its because of someone who didnt know what it meens to lay low instead it was into the limelite for tedward so away we go

  14. Take note,

    If some of ya went to a go see a professional you would learn that whether it's tuff guy/pc hating, jealousy, or straight hate you would learn that this too is a form of huggin that man's balls.

    ...just my too sense

  15. I just heard something hysterical. I dont know if its true and unless I spoke to this person I cannot say for sure....I heard that Jackie Deross' wife, I think her name is Lucille, anyway someone told me that she repeatedly made passes at wild bill's son. It started out by her asking him to take her to atlantic city..omg how funny is that...It got to the point when he had to meet up with jackie he would avoid going in his house. She would do it right in front of her fag of a son i think his name is jamie...yes, JAMIE..sounds like a womans I thought this was hilarious when I heard it. Well, its confirmed enough for me. I heard she was a dime back in the day, but a little too old i would think. Ha, I guess STUBBIE is stubbie in every sense of the word.Wow, even his wife is a low life.
    Happy blogging and if anybody could confirm this further please blog in.

  16. To the JRKOFF that posted the march 26th, 11:05am...You got your stories backwards asshole. Lucille NEVER EVER DID or WOULD do that to her husband and children. I repeat NEVER ever made me feel uncomfortable. WTF is your problem you sick tard. Jackie was the philanderer not his wife. Lucille is probably one of the most sweetest people I ever met and I know her my whole life..Wateva her asshole of a husband did behind her back is on always he took down their whole family AGAIN. Now he will leave his sons Jamie and John to fall to the same fate as him...and they have NO money because of his lawyers. He either ALWAYS gambled the money away or whether he had to fork over his life savings into his LIFE SENTENCE. This kids are broke and they will have to resort to dope AGAIN to make money with the LaForte's. STOP POSTIN STUPID SHIT AND LIES. She is a LADY not just a woman..and she was like a sec. mother to me. She HATES her husband and I now know WHY.. She loved my father and my father loved her..and that fat fk Jackie also..she couldnt believe that he was THE ONE who had my father killed. Allie is and always was a punk and a pussy. If their is ANBODY that LIVED off a NAME he is the poster pussy strait up...He used to shake hands like a girl along with his girly hands. I would crush his hand every time I saw There was one time when I shook his hand he asked my father "watta u feedin this kid, Rivets?"
    So for what its worth, AGAIN, that is the biggest bullshit I ever read..Get a life and stop trying to hurt innocent people..whether you believe in what I did or not, leave ladies names out of it...Dkwad.......


  17. Chicago is NOTHING like the Big Apple when it comes to organized crime! Look at how long the Outfit has had a hand in things...going back to the early 1900's and only a handful of rats! Smaller yes, but compartmentalized, so if a 'rat' does surface...take the hit, do the time, and on to the next man in line.