Monday, April 5, 2010

What is left of the Mafia.

This is Cosa Nostra! The wired up words of John Gotti Sr. Today John Baby Gotti is shopping around a book deal and working on a documentary about the Gambino family. Why not? John already went in for a Profer and told his sister about getting his badge. John Gotti Sr already killed the Gambino family why not finish it.

Most people do not realize that this is real life and death. These Mafia guys killed real people and some of those killed were not part of the organization. The you guy killed in a bar fight in Queens. The guy killed because a kid did not follow the traffic laws.Publish Post

A man killed because he dated Allie Boi's ex-wife. That is Cosa Nostra? That is what they use family resources to do? That murder may cause the Persico reign to end.

Why would I feel bad about wearing a wire? I was wired up recording street guys in Bayridge. The NYPD wanted murders solved. They wanted guys like Craig Lil Man Marino and John Goggles Baudanza. Those guys killed and helped kill. Never forget they killed friends, not a person who was willing to put up a fight. I heard Craig was watching over a guy who was blasted. He was armed and when the shooting started he ran.
John Baudanza is a punk and could not fist fight. He could hit you with a pipe if he was on the sneak. Could he beat down Chickie Martino? Chickie must be in a wheelchair for that to happen. That means Chickie with join the Georges in wanting John dead.

When I was in Teddy Persico's mothers home it was Teddy, Danny, Eddie Garafalo,myself and his mother. Everyone but the mother and Eddie went away. Eddie dodged that indictment. How? Eddie now sits in MCC Brooklyn. Eddie will get bail. Will he stand tall?

The guy has never faced real time. What about his family?

The Mafia life is nothing but a huge waste. I read today about a car dealer who made a ton of cash who wanted to portray the Mafia lifestyle. Sad.

Until then I am here in sunny rocking California!

Kenji OC


  1. WOW. I think that was the first sensible statement i ever read that you wrote. The "Brooklyn idiot" comment i would like to clear up. I dont live in the boros. I despise them actually. I beleave that you hear things and put the "KENJI TWIST" on it. I read your book and found it to be very entertaining....(HR)

  2. Aparently John baudanza can fist fight ,he gave a fellow wiseguy a beating in lock up last month. I think John's buddy Louis Fontana from South Brooklyn should watch his back,if one of goggles enemies wants to send him a message I can see them putting a few holes in Fontana being he's his close loyal friend

  3. John and Chikie thing will get sorted out with a sitdown.

    Johns uncle is a Colombo capo and his father is not made but is close too. Whos Chikie to fuck with them? He's just a guy who has spent a whole lot of time locked up and was too stupid to stay away with dumb shit Persicos had him doing when he was barely out of prison

  4. life in the mob has changed drastically even from 20 years ago when it was still filled with better mobsters then today , you have to be nuts to allow yourself to get in with the mob in this day and age also the fbi should get a grip on the russian mob now there doing whet the italians were doing 20 years ago and you see them out in the street having street meetings get rid of these immigrants who take advantage of america now not later , its like the feds only hate the italian mob meanwhile the russians are doing worse things like sex slavevery , major prostitution and drug dealing to name a couple things wtf get them already .

  5. ..."A man killed because he dated Allie Boi's ex-wife. That is Cosa Nostra?"

    Yes it is. You don't understand that because you used to kiss your ex-wife after she sucked other mens dicks all day.