Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodbye Teddy!

I was so busy that I have not been updating this blog. Sorry. Great things are going down in Mobland! Today the FBI took down so many guys in a massive sweep.
They continue to hit the Cosa Nostra where it hurts.
I knew when Frankie Blue Eye's flipped it would be bad for the Persico Family.
Allie boy watch out! Teddy Persico Jr Aka Do Over now has a lot to worry about.
They may get him on a murder conspiracy. Steve Marcus who I taped at Big R Trucking was able to get some really great tapes.
I wonder how Teddy feels about his buddy Eddie Garafolo now? Eddie brought me in and he was partners with Steve! Teddy and Eddie remain locked up waiting for their day in court.

Sonny Franzese will most probably die inside a Federal Prision. I wonder what he was thinking? He was around John Jr his son who he knew was a CI and then ORI SPADO who I posted a tape online of him speaking to the FBI. Ori is still waiting for his day in court.

Maybe it is time for these guys to see the writing on the wall. The Cosa Nostra is done, time to shut off the lights and get jobs.

Kids in Brooklyn... The life is a waste.

Kenji OC


  1. u think manny g is smart??? what makes him so smart. why is his nephew away?and he wasnt? what about the guy living accross the street from manny..heard he is broke ?whatcha know about that?lets see what you really know? who is mannys wifes man?how much is keith giving eddie and manny...who does keith go to now?who likes manny? lets hear answer some of these questions and i have answers for yours

  2. Hi kenny after reading your book , i was happy to get an undrerstanding of you and your backround and the type of person you appear to be , i must say in the 80's i would have been the type to hook up with you if you were a friend im sure everyone made alot of cash with you, my past is similar as far as dealing but nothing compared to the amounts you did , i also came away fromreading the book with the genunie sense of someone thats truthfull and a good guy to be friends with besides he whole flipping part , but some people just got in the way and buried them selfs with there own mouths it seems , i'll be honest with you i have a friend in the book that was sent away, after reading the book i can see what i know he was one of the cassulties that got in the way , and i can honestly say i hold no ill will about you for that, and i agree alot of these brooklyn wisekids are a bunch of pumks these days to eager to try and prove themselfs , in another time i think you and i would have got along great together , this the most honest wiseguy book i have read yet , sammy the bulls was almost just as honest but he had to much past to really believe everything he said , so yours beat his in that sense , good luck to you and i wish i had the smarts you do for money making if i did life would be an easier road to travel , all the best ken. ell from bklym

  3. Hey you rat motherfucker you, half-way through your book and I'll tell you, it's not bad. You drop alot of names no one has before and uncover a side of OC nobody knew existed. Kudos to your Brute-style twist of the knife, you japs really know how to launch a sneak attack. I don't know if I like you or not, but, I bought your book so, you're welcome. You must know those friends of yours work like the tides, they kind of ebb and flow in cycles. And they don't forget. Well, am I wrong?

  4. You flipped over being threatened with a wire fraud. Please stop pretending you're a tough guy.