Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mafia Media Today

The media shapes our perception of events in life.  What the media does today is outright make up stuff. I've written about a number of movies and TV shows that just make up or never bother to even google their subject.

Edward Garafalo ran a trucking company that had a lot of different names, one of which was “Big R Trucking” after his son Rocco. Teddy Persico was a partner in the company with Eddie as far back as 2003 when Eddie ran Big R out of the Bonafide Fuel Oil lot in downtown Brooklyn.  

Now that Eddie's wife Alicia is a cast member on the "Reality” show Mob Wives, she is claiming that she did not know her husband was doing all that stuff.  

Really? I wore a wire when I was in the car with Eddie and Teddy many times.  Once we were on our way to get guns at Teddy's mothers home (so Teddy could get to some wayward Colombos).  It is funny because everyone screamed that I was lying about that happening, but this will be the second time Teddy is going away for what I recorded that day.  Just a few weeks ago Alicia’s husband Eddie also pleaded guilty to attempted murder for that attempted hit.  They all pled out even Teddy's brothers, and they had some good lawyers, yet not one of them called me in to cross examine me.  
Alicia and Eddie Garafalo

One lawyer, who thinks a lot of himself, called me every name in the book, yet even with his legal expertise he never crossed me or even challenged the tapes.  That lawyer is a funny guy who once yelled for a Gambino associate to shoot someone during a road rage incident (which they did).  So how could Alicia not know her husband was knee deep in crime? All she would have to do is pick up a newspaper or do a google search and she would know the truth about the name Persico.

Manny Garafalo
They had another equipment company called T&E for Teddy and Eddie, and she did the billing just like she did for Eddie's other shady companies. On Monday, January 6th she will face another judge, and she has already pleaded guilty in the court while claiming to the media she was not aware of The Life.  She has made a lot of money from The Life.  Even now she is living it up.  She has two clothing stores in New Jersey and she still lives in a luxury Cherry Hill home and she went on a cross country party spree while waiting for her sentencing date tomorrow.  According to the NYPOST she is also cheating on Eddie who took all the blame for the fraud with a Philly restaurant to save her from that.
So what exactly did she do?  Alicia helped Eddie and Teddy, and that means she helped the Colombo Family to steal hard working Union Member’s Benefits.  Alicia not only conspired but has admitted to stealing the money from the Local 282 of the Teamsters between June 2003 and June 2005.  Alicia submitted a false invoice in November of 2004 to a Long Island company on behalf of Big R Trucking and then submitted a false Shop Steward report to the 282 Local for DM Equipment for a week in November.  All this to defraud the Union Health plan and their retirement plans.  This is really low because they messed with normal hard working people while they went on gambling sprees, drove fancy cars and took vacations on their dime.  

Then I read that "Sources said Garofalo is slated to appear on the smash VH1 series himself — via recorded prison phone calls from the penitentiary to his wife."  Well that is pretty funny because I thought Mafia guys were supposed to keep a low profile.  So Eddie will call in and I am sure he will be paid if not it will come to Alicia.  The Garofalos live a charmed life because Eddie’s Uncle Manny got off with no time because of Super Storm Sandy and all the work he did to help (that is the BS reason given by the judge to cover up the real reason he got off with a slap on the wrist).  I personally laundered money with Manny, and after I left Brooklyn he threatened me and tried to have me sign a paper that said the cash was a loan.  Manny actually sent me a fax with a Fugazi loan document back dated.  This guy was bleeding a Telecommunications company based in Manhattan for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He even leased cars through them.  He threatened a guy and then stabbed him in the leg with scissors for not paying a debt to his brother.  He also skimmed from construction jobs and has even done time for construction crimes before. If someone looks up Manny they can see what a great guy he is from the people he committed the crimes with in the past.  Names like Steve "Wonder Boy" Crea dot the pages of the indictments.  Manny is without a doubt someone who is trying to do the right thing.  Lets hope the judge in Alicia's case fines her what she owes: 96k and 20k to the Union and that means she will be zeroed out from what she made with Mob Wives.  Then lets see what Teddy Persico has to say when Eddie gets out early and he sits in the can.  Rule 35 hearing is coming for Eddie!

It is crazy that many channels claim to bring factual programs to their audience yet none of them can do simple fact checking. I just watched a show on Discovery ID about Chris Paciello and they claimed more than once that Chris was in the car theft ring on Staten Island called The Untouchables, which the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds was based on.  They actually aired this pile of crap without some basic search attempts because Gone in Sixty Seconds was shot in Carson California in 1974!  Chris Paciello was born in 1971. Was that movie about toddler car thiefs?
Chris Paciello was a member of the Bonanno Crime Family?  He was "with" the Gambinos and then had Wild Bill Cutolo get him transferred to the Colombo family. FYI "with" means you are an associate of the family not an Inducted member.  

A good Mafia movie is fun to watch and I understand that they need to streamline the story to make it exciting, but why say its a true story when they just make up stuff that is easily looked up and proved wrong.  

I've never glamorized the Mob life because there is nothing glamorous about the life. The actual guys in the crews are bad enough without their wives or sisters etc.. living off their bad deeds being glorified.  


  1. Unless she's moved recently Alicia lives in Marlton NJ. It's right next to Cherry Hill.

    Rule 35 hearing? Isn't that a motion to reduce a sentence? If it is, does that mean he's cooperating with the feds? Why else would he get it reduced? Or is that a standard legal move by his lawyer after being sentenced, to try to get it reduced? Thanks.

  2. Kenny - are there both Garafola and Garofalo families - in other words are there people who use both names or is there one family and people misspelled the names?

    Love your blog -- I also wrote about the Gone in 60 seconds fraud too. Love was saying that. Check out my blog Cosa Nostra News sometime... based on what I read here we have similar viewpoints. I'm gonna backlink and do a story on tour story

  3. The Colombo family chart is beginning to resemble a small decimated family from outside NYC. It shouldn't even be considered one of the five families. What a joke they look like. 8 skippers , reminds me of that other family that once was.The Jersey farmers. I remember vinny ocean from the old fish market, those were the days, not like now where everyone there has a roof over their head.