Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mobster Politics

You may have heard the following threats in the news this week.

"Let me be clear to you, you ever do that to me again I'll throw you off this fucking balcony,”

“If you ever do that to me again,”

“No, no, you're not man enough, you're not man enough. I'll break you in half. Like a boy,”

What mobster uttered these words?  No mobster.  New York Republican Rep. Michael Grimm. These threats were directed at a reporter from NY1 News because the man asked him about the FBI investigation in his campaign finances.  Many Mobsters and Citizens have been arrested for much less.  It happened January 28th 2014 on Federal Property and as he is part of the Legislative Branch of the Government, this falls under the Federal jurisdiction.  He for sure broke State law, these are terrorist threats.  This guy works for us the people, yet he acts like he is above the law.  I decided to look into him because I read a New York Times article about Michael G Grimm and it said he infiltrated the Gambino Family targeting Peter Gotti.  I guess the New York Times, like so many news outlets today cannot fact check stories.
Michael Grimm, a former Marine turned FBI Agent, was assigned to the C16 Squad better known as the Gambino Squad.  He was supposed to get to know everything about Peter Gotti, the garbage man brother of Gambino Family Boss John Gotti Sr.  Peter Gotti was then running the family while his brother and nephew were away in Federal Prison.  He was then transferred to the Fraud Squad where he would become an undercover player in Operation Wooden Nickel which targets rogue currency traders on Wall Street.  Grimm posed as a currency trader in order to draw in the players in this highly illegal FOREX Scheme.  The FBI along with the CFTC took down around 50 of the Traders.  It was during that time that Grimm was called in to be part of the Jack Falcone FBI undercover operation.  Jack Falcone aka FBI Special Agent Jack Garcia had infiltrated a Gambino Family crew headed by Capo Greg DePalma.  Jack had Grimm bring some of his Wall Street targets to a stripclub for some debauchery. This bolstered Jack’s profile with Greg DePalma because he could bring in a Big Money Wall Streeter like Grimm who he called Mikey Suits.  So Mikey Suits is not a Mob nickname, he was not undercover like Jack Falcone or Donnie Brasco he played a Wall Streeter. That would make more sense because when I saw his picture I wondered what moron Mobster would buy him as a street guy.

After he left the FBI in 2006 he and partner Bennett Orfaly started laying the ground work for a restaurant called Healthalicious, a small place located on Second Ave and 83rd Street.  The crazy thing about Bennett Orfaly is he is very close to Gambino Capo  Anthony "Fat Tony" Morelli.  So close that he refers to him as Uncle.  Orfaly is also in constant contact and has visited  Fat Tony who is serving a 20 years Racketeering sentence.  He also has ties that include a car registered to Fat Tony's wife.  Fat Tony has a release date of July 22, 2014 but he has been away for a long time.

Fat Tony ran a Gambino Crew based on Staten Island and in the past he has been involved with Gasoline tax fraud with Joe Glitz aka Joe Galizia a formerly made man in the Genovese Family.  Joe was a huge money maker because of the Gasoline scam with the Russians and Colombo Family guys.  

The Colombos had to have sitdowns over his involvement in the gas tax scam according to Michael Franzese.   Fat Tony collected at least 6.7 million dollars in the scam. This was accomplished by creating a series of companies called a Daisy Chain. Company A sells gas to Company B which sells it to Company C and then again to another company D all on paper so the physical gas never moves. The last company that sells the gasoline to the stations is supposed to pay the State and Federal Tax but they are just paper companies owned by no one.  Fat Tony then left New York for Boca Raton Florida where he was supposed to handle the Gambino Family rackets.

How is it that a former FBI Special Agent assigned to C16 did not know his partner and top fundraiser were close to Gambino Capo Fat Tony?

Grimm is controversial to be sure.  He once went to a popular Queens night spot Caribbean Tropics with a Caribbean woman.  The woman's ex husband was there and they got into a altercation and they were both asked to leave by the off duty NYPD guy working security.  Grimm came back later and they got into another altercation and this time Grimm had a pistol in his hand which he put in his waistband.  He then identified himself as an FBI Agent, but he was acting in an irrational manner.  I would like to know if he was drinking at the time.  He then ordered everyone against the wall and reportedly uttered a racial slur.  

No charges against Michael Grimm for that incident.

"Consistent with our law enforcement responsibilities, we looked into the event, determined there isn't a complainant and have closed the matter," Capitol Police

That was for his latest incident and one more time he walks.

He had huge contributions from Mobbed up Unions,  a former businesses partner is with a Gambino Capo, and he just put up bail for a friend Ofer Biton who is accused of funneling illegal contributions to Grimms  2010 Campaign.  He was arrested on immigration fraud charges and the FBI said he was picked up on a wire involved in a huge Ecstasy ring.  One more thing Ofer Biton bought his share of Healthalicious and now owns it all.

Read up on Michael G Grimm's other shady associates, it will shock you.

I suggest that you pick up a copy of Jack Garcias book Making Jack Falcone and Michael Franzese book Blood Oath for further reading on gasoline tax scams, Jack Falcone, and other subjects along those lines..

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