Sunday, June 8, 2014

The White Dragon

This is a story made for Hollywood. It has a white man known as Bac Guai John (in Chinese) which translates to  "White Devil John."

John Willis - White Dragon
John Willis lost his family at the age of 14 when his older brother who took care of his family died in a car accident.  At 15, his mother had her legs amputated and died soon after as a result of diabetes.  Young John Willis was homeless, living on the streets with pennies in his pockets.  His two drug addict sisters had no interest in raising him.

He was a tough kid, and he got a job as a bouncer at a nightclub in Boston.  One night, a young Chinese man known as Woping or "John Jo" got into a bad spot.  Woping was going to be seriously hurt until Willis intervened. Woping was so greatful, he took Willis home to his family, where he lived for the next few years.  It was with this family that Willis learned how to speak a several dialects of Chinese and also Vietnamese.  

Willis was soon running around Chinatown with a large violent street gang called Ping On Gang, which was a farm team for the 14kTriad.  He would soon become an enforcer for the gang during the 80's and the 90's, while they were expanding.  He was known as the White Dragon and The White Ghost because of his ability to commit violence and move on.

The Ping On Gang was headed by Dai Lo or "Big Brother."  Stephan Tse, also known as "Sky Dragon" was a member of the 14k Triad in Hong Kong who came to America to spread the 14k Triads reign.  He controlled all Chinatown crime until the 1990's when young Vietnamese and other Triads started to move in on his action.It all came to a head when 6 men were gunned down by three young gangsters in a Tyler Street Gambling den on January 11, 1991.  One man lived and one escaped the massacre, but it was the worst the Boston Police had ever seen.  

The FBI and everyone else soon cracked down on Boston's Chinatown.  By the mid 1990's Sky Dragon was locked up on racketeering charges.   Willis would be arrested for dealing heroin and sentenced to 8 years, but he would get out early on parole which he violated so often it took him 10 years to complete.

Willis soon started his own drug gang and was soon slinging oxycodone to a man in Cape Cod.  He then expanded his operation into Florida where he moved over 260,000 pills plus huge amounts of marijuana over a 4 year period.  He was still a force in Chinatown criminal circles.  He was used as an enforcer for Ming Jai, a man who now controlled gambling in Chinatown and had connections all over the world.  He also worked with Wei Chen who ran brothels and was another Triad player.
Willis was soon pulling down the big bucks because his organization brought in 3.9 million in a very short time.  He then invested some of his cash in a Liquor store to launder some of his cash. He bought a boat, Bentley and other luxury cars.  He then decided to buy a night club in Florida so he could clean much more of his cash but the FBI was closing in on him.  The DEA had caught a courier on a plane to Florida, they had wires up and he was soon taken down.

A white guy in Chinese Organized Crime! A Hollywood dream, as they can cast a superstar white guy as the lead and surround him with Asian bit players.
I am sure that John Willis, who is now doing 20 year in a Federal Prison, will get a kick out of it even if he gets nothing from Warner Brothers - who are set to film the movie titled "White Devil."  Let's see if they can take a good story, not mess it up, and make it somewhat true to life.  If so, they will have a great movie.


  1. Good story. You're spot on about Hollywood with the white guy taking on Asian gangsters or Kong Fu villains and of course getting down with the Asian chick.

  2. Loved his Mom with all his heart,I hear!God has blessed him with heart and values of family!I hear really an,amazing person!Same story as,many.....wrong people wrong choices probably out of desperation in the beginning ÷