Sunday, August 3, 2014

Joe Isgro & Chinese Mafia Stories: Update

It is funny what stories the mainstream media will pick up and what they won't.  I have written about Shrimp Boy the Dragonhead of Chee Kung Tong and California State Senator Leeland Yee.  This past week they have been charged in a superseding indictment with even more felony counts but the media chooses not to give it much coverage. The new indictment raises the charge count from 50 to 228 against the same people. Shrimp Boy, Leeland Yee and Keith Jackson are among those now charged with racketeering in the indictment. Chinese Triads may not be as sexy as Mexican Cartels or Gangs, but they are much more dangerous.  The Chee Kung Tong is hundreds of years old with more members worldwide and much more diverse when it comes to criminal activity. It has become clear that Shrimp Boy had worked with Leeland Yee to advance his Criminal Enterprise.  The Tong was involved in illegal gambling, drug distribution and selling contraband cigarettes.  They used many
ways to launder the proceeds of the enterprise because the cash that was rolling in was staggering.  Leeland, along with Keith Jackson, used his various campaigns to solicit bribes.  He even wanted to shake down the NFL by using his influence with the California Athletic Commission to change rules regarding out-of-state athletes.  He also sought to extort cash from MMA Promotions that wished to operate in California. The worst thing that he conspired to (along with Keith Jackson and a dentist) was to sell weapons from an arms dealer to FBI sources.

I am sure that as this unfolds we will find out much more about how deep this conspiracy goes.  They will take some plea deal down the road and this will all be forgotten, but this is the future.  China is taking on a bigger role around the world as an economic power and this means many more Triad member's around the world.

On Thursday the Joe Isgro story hit the news, and sure enough, he was arrested for taking part in a Gambino family bookmaking ring that had an 8 year run starting in 2005. Part of the charges stem from gambling rings using a Bookmaking software program that keeps track of bets, bettors, games, odds and who owes what. The Arizona software company had licensed it out for a fee and when he was arrested for promoting gambling he agreed to cooperate.  He later changed his mind and decided to fight it.  The NYPD had already gone through the company records and they knew who the players were.  Joe had been inducted into the family by John Gotti Jr, but he now has a new Capo in the family.

The whole arrest for gambling is kind of weak.  Most people who get caught pay a small fine.  If you stop to think about it, people bet on all kinds of sporting events.  Even Obama spoke about his brackets during March Madness.  All professional sports use odds, otherwise everyone would stop watch before the end of games if their team was losing.  Monday night football is popular so bettors can make up for a weekend of losses.

I am no Joe Isgro fan, the guy is loud and a bragger but this is a waste. A lot of States have "Numbers"  Aka Lottery and OTB-Off Track Betting and yet they never seem to make a profit?  Here in California they were supposed to pay for the schools and yet every year the Politico's keep come back to us for more taxes for the kids.

I do see Law Enforcement's point because Bookmaking is the bread and butter of the Mafia.  The Gambling enables them to work in many rackets including Joe Isgro's Shylocking.  Even the Genovese have taken hits lately for bookmaking.  Last week in New Jersey a couple of them plead guilty to running a gambling ring.

Joe Isgro plead not guilty, posted a $250,000 bond and was released.

I'll keep you posted on both of these stories.

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