Sunday, February 8, 2015

Joe Watts

The rule for a long time was that you had to be 100% Italian to be inducted into a Mafia Family.
The rules were changed by the Commission in the 1980’s to include those who had an Italian father.  That way, guys like John Gotti Jr. could be inducted into the Gambino family. Some of the toughest, most loyal and biggest moneymakers are the non-Italians that were close to the Mafia. One man served the Gambino family from the days of Carlo Gambino to the dark days of Junior Gotti.  The man? Joseph Watts, a German who was one of John Gotti Sr.’s most loyal men.
When John Sr. barked, it was Joe Watts that would bite.  He was so trusted that he was in on the planning and the hit of Gambino Boss Paul Castellano.  The spectacular murder took place in midtown Manhattan during rush hour.  Joe Watts was a back up shooter wearing a fur cap and trench coat.  It has been said that Joe took over Tommy Bilotti’s Shylock loans after the murder.  Joe was known as a Shylock’s Shylock who gave out huge loans.

Frederick E. Weiss ran a real estate company but his real money maker was carting.  He made a fortune with others dumping solid waste.  Frederick leased an 80 acre site known as Port Ivory on Staten Island which bordered a protected area.  He would haul asbestos and medical waste and then dump it in the landfill illegally.  It was a huge money maker that pulled in a reported 7 million dollars.   On September 11, 1989 Weiss was on trial for RICO when he walked out of his apartment towards his car at 8:30am.  The shooters were waiting for him and they opened fire killing him before he hit the ground.  Weiss had sealed his own fate when he dropped his Gambino family lawyer.  John Gotti Sr. suspected that he was cooperating with the Feds so he ordered a hit on him.  Joe Watts was given the contract and he put together a crew to carry it out.  He had guys dig a hole and they had a house set for where the murder was to take place.  Weiss was supposed to come to the house and Joe Watts was waiting in the garage with a pistol but he never showed up.  It really didn't matter because three shooters from the New Jersey DeCavalcante family murdered him the next day.  

Joe Watts ended up getting taken down in a number of cases so he was locked up for a long time.  Junior Gotti hated Joe Watts because he thought Joe had made sure he was not able to kill Daniel Marino the Gambino Capo.  Junior Gotti has a book out now, which I am sure is a self serving pile of shit.  The guy went in and flapped his mouth to the prosecutors and he still pretends he is a stand up guy.  I do not care that he is a rat but I do care that he talks bad about those that have also cooperated.  He is no different.

There is a new book out by John Alite that gives the inside details of the Gotti family and their rule over the Gambino Family.  One of the things included in the book is a word for word transcript of John Jr.’s talk he had with the Feds.  He gave up Joe Watts and Daniel Marino for a murder.  He also told the Feds about a murder his father committed.  Too bad he won't tell them where they buried the poor man who worked at Castro Convertibles.

Joe Watts never killed Weiss but he pleaded guilty to murder because it was the best deal he could get. Weiss was a Government witness who was murdered so he could not testify.  The Government wanted to send a message that they would not let anyone murder their witnesses.  Joe Watts was able to plead out to 13 years and a 250k fine.  He will be 82 years old when he gets out.

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