Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Richest Colombo?

When you first look at John Staluppi’s picture, you think of Robert De Niro eating everything he saw for one of his roles.  John Staluppi is not playing a role: he is what you see.  He is a super wealthy successful businessman who enjoys eating.

He has a museum in Florida called Cars of Dreams with over 100 classic cars.  It's only open 4 times a year for special charity events.  He owns car dealerships that sell over $2 billion a year in inventory.  He was a mechanic when he convinced his father to take a $5k loan out on the family home.  He was soon running a successful SunCo location.  

He then got in with Honda, who made motorcycles at the time but was not well known in the US. He soon grew that into 20 Honda car dealerships.  John knew how to bring in the cash.  

John Staluppi may have a dark secret in his past.  The FBI, the Suffolk County (N.Y.) District Attorney’s Office and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement claim he is a made member of the Colombo family.

During the 1980’s the police were able to get an undercover officer a job as his chauffeur.  The chaffeur saw him meet with Carmine Persico and other high level Colombos.

The NJ Division of Gambling Enforcement got ahold of his phone and appointment book.  They found numbers for Little Vic Orena, Theodore Persico Sr., and Pasquale Amato.

He was also invited to Capo Donnie Shacks daughter's wedding. She was a close friend of Teddy Persico Jr.  When I was around Teddy, he called Donnie’s daughter to pass things along to Donnie (who now lives in Los Angeles).

When the Colombo War broke out on the streets of Brooklyn in the early 1990’s John sided with Little Vic Orena.  He contributed $50k to the war effort, according to one Colombo turncoat.  He also provided Little Vic Orena another $50k for his defense when he was busted during the war. John then quickly switched sides back to the Persico faction.

Staluppi has a few other connections to the crime family.  In 2012 he bought “Club Diamonds” from a company managed by Thomas Farese, who has been described by the FBI as the consigliere of the Colombo crime family.  Thomas Farese was busted in 1998 for laundering money through his stripclubs.  

Rockland County Legislator Frank (Frankie Jr.) Sparaco is the son of Colombo family killer Frankie Blue eyes.  Frankie Blue eyes has now gone into witness protection and his son claims to have no contact with him.  Frankie Jr. did have contact with John Staluppi, who donated to his campaign.  John Staluppi was not the only one to donate to his campaign.  Michael Persico donated through Romantique Limousines.  Frankie Jr. also runs a vending machine company, Pops Vending, that has its machines placed in John Staluppi’s car dealerships.  

Frankie Jr. plead guilty to violating campaign laws and was sentenced to a jail term.

John Staluppi is now, among other things, a builder of super yachts that are known as the fastest in the world.  He is a huge property own in Florida and is said to be worth $400 million dollars.

He has not done bad for a guy who dropped out of the 10th grade in Bensonhurst, Brookly and was arrested for stealing cars and altering the VIN numbers in 1971.   He plead guilty to that crime and received 5 years probation, but bounced back and made his millions.

When you see smoke, there is usually fire. The truth will come out in the end.  

In a similar story, Dominic Longo was a made guy in the Los Angeles Family.  Longo Toyota is one of the largest Toyota dealerships in the country today but Dominic is no longer living.


  1. He's not the richest Columbo member , that title belongs to a fella in florida ?

  2. It is clear that you did not read the post. He is the guy in Florida. FyI it is Colombo.