Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gambinos: Still Making Book.

The Brooklyn District Attorney's office just spent 17 months, and I'm sure millions of hard earned taxpayer dollars, to take down a bookmaking operation.

The operation was run in New Jersey by Patrick Deluise, a bookmaker, Illegal fireworks seller and a shylock debtor.

The Brooklyn D.A. may have some problems of its own now. Detective Investigator Nicole Byrd, who was in charge of the 24 hour command center for the investigation, was fired for falsifying records so she could get overtime pay when she was not even on the job.

Four other investigators are being looked at by law enforcement for possible padded hours on the job.

Now it may have really blown up in their faces, because Patrick Deluise shot himself after he was approached to flip on his co-conspirators.

I understand that they were trying to shut down a mafia run book making operation.  We know they will use the cash to fund other operations.  The government now picks and chooses which crimes to go after.  Betting on football, basketball and baseball is a joke.  Everyone bets and that is why they have so many viewers on Superbowl Sunday.

They cannot stop the million plus illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border, but they pour tax money into shutting down a bookie in New Jersey?

Tons of heroin is coming across the border but they can’t bother to secure our border.  Something is wrong here.

Patrick Deluise is considered a “victim” because “he borrowed cash from a shylock.”
He borrowed $50,000 to pay for an experimental cancer treatment in Germany for his wife.  He agreed to the terms and took the cash.  He was not forced to take a loan.  
Most people could not borrow from a shylock and would just lose their homes, cars etc., paying for medical care.

He borrowed the cash from Anthony Vallario at a rate of $2,400 a month interest.  He had paid $129,600 interest on it.  He knew what it would cost when he took the cash and he knew it was an interest loan, not a knockdown loan, which means he had to pay back the $50,000 all at once.  

So the DA will charge Anthony Vallario with Loan Sharking, a guy who ran a 10 million dollar online bookmaking business.  Patrick used and other sites for his customers in Brooklyn.  They would bet online or call in and his guys would pay in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  Patrick involved his two sons in his operation.  

Anthony Vallario is a big fish for the Brooklyn DA because his brother Louis Vallario is a capo in the Gambino family.

Still, one has to wonder is the time and money worth taking down a bookmaker who will be replaced before I'm done writing this blog?

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