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Colombo: The Unsolved Murder

Colombo: The Unsolved Murder
On June 28, 1971, just as Joe Colombo was about to speak in front of a large crowd gathered in support of the Italian-American Civil Rights League, he was shot three times. The man who shot him was a black man disguised as a photojournalist. He was issued press credentials by the  Italian-American Civil Rights League and in the weeks before the shooting, Jerome Johnson was trying to find camera operators to help him film Joe Colombo at the rally. There were thousands of people in the crowd at Columbus Circle that day and many saw Jerome walk up and fire two shots into Colombo’s head and one into his neck.  They watched as he was wrestled to the ground by policemen.

There were then two more shots as Jerome was shot twice in the back. He was shot twice after he was already in police custody in front of thousands of people, hundreds of police and dozens of FBI Agents.  There were TV crews there and many people with cameras -  yet not one person saw who shot Jerome.  The police recovered a small revolver at the scene.

I never read up much on the shooting, because I heard about it from a few guys in my past.  Then I saw a newspaper story on it a few weeks ago and I started to read up on it.
I came across a book Colombo: The Unsolved Murder and decided to give it a read.
I was not expecting much, but Anthony, a son of Joe Colombo, did a great job telling his father's story from his side without giving up a lot of his crimes.  I even had a good laugh when he brought up Fat Philly, who I knew and who had been around LA family street boss Jimmy Caci in Palm Springs.  He described Fat Philly perfectly.

In an age when we are aware that the government lies to us and commits criminal acts freely, we need to take a closer look at the Colombo murder.  Could the US Government take part in an assassination of an American citizen?  The time when Joe Colombo was shot was a turbulent time in America.  John F. Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman who somehow traveled to Russia with no money, lived there and then came home with a wife. Lee Harvey Oswald was then killed in custody by another lone gunman Jack Ruby who just happens to be friendly with Cosa Nostra guys and intelligence operatives.

Dr. Martin Luther King was gunned down by another lone gunman who was a petty thief but somehow managed to escape prison, get to Mexico and then California where he had plastic surgery.  Travel all across the country buying cars, guns and fake IDs.  This is a man who never hit any big scores or was a high roller.  He supposedly shoots Dr. King and then flees to Canada, gets another fake ID and ends up in England.

Robert Kennedy was murdered and 13 shots were fired from an 8 shot pistol, again by another lone gunman.

The FBI used Greg Scarpa, a Colombo family killer, to find the bodies of the 3 civil rights workers.  Greg Scarpa then killed other mobsters with information provided by a Rogue FBI Agent.

There were bombings in Arizona at Joe Bonanno’s ranch and others.   The three men arrested for them claimed an FBI Agent told them to carry them out.  The FBI Agent was never prosecuted and he was able to walk away.

Whitey Bulger murdered at will with the help of the FBI.

Did Carlo Gambino set up the hit? Why would he? He didn't need to pull off a hit in public.  All he would have to do is send for Colombo and have some men waiting.  It would be easy he was head of the Commissions.

Joey Gallo and his crew are the ones who get the blame.  Why and how would Joey get Jerome to do it in public? Then get some policemen to kill Jerome to keep him quit?  Too much credit is given to Joey Gallo.

In the years since Colombo was shot and later died, dozens of men in the Colombo family have flipped and yet not one knows a thing about the shooting.  Guys in Joey Gallo’s crew and the Gambino family have flipped and nothing has surfaced about it.

There seems to be more to the Colombo shooting than is known.

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