Sunday, March 27, 2016

Joe Denti Jr. Follows in His Father's Footsteps

Joe Denti Sr. was a Bronx shylock who became a capo.  He had a payphone business that did really well.  The rumor is that he also had some friends that helped him stay out of trouble.
Joe Denti died in Beverly Hills from a heart attack in 1996.  He was in the movie business living in Charo’s Beverly Hills home.  He produced the movie Opposite Corners, which was a bomb.
He was friendly with Joe Pesci and a few other actors.

He was still doing business in Los Angeles from Nicky Blair's on Sunset Blvd.  In the mid 1990’s some LA Family guy's got $100k from a real wannabe.  They used it to bankroll some card games.  The guy then told them the $100k was Joe Dente Sr.’s.  This sent Jimmy Caci through the roof.  He called his buddy Rudy Santobello about Joe.  Rudy and Jimmy had spent a few years in Attica together.  Jimmy had never been introduced to Joe so he went to Nicky Blair's.  It was on Sunset that a pistol Jimmy had in his waistband slid down and smashed his foot.  Jimmy would complain for years that it gave him “the Gout.” The wannabe was on the hook for the cash.  The LA guys made a pile of cash and gave it back to Joe Denti.

It would seem the apple didnt fall far from the tree because on March 16th Joe Denti Jr. was picked up by the New Jersey detectives of the Division of Criminal Justice.  They claim Heidi Francavilla, Joseph Giardina, Ralph Perricelli Jr. and Joe Denti Jr. all took part in a scam business.

Heidi Francavilla seems to be a mover.  She was charged in another bogus investment scheme in September 2015, in which she is charged with stealing 3 million dollars from investors.

This time the NJ Detectives snared a bigger fish in Joe Denti Jr., a Genovese Capo.

Joe Denti Jr. is charged with convincing a Doctor to advance $250k for a surgical center and then using the money for his own use. He also scammed a married couple into giving him $100k for a blood testing center.

Ralph Perricelli and Joe Denti Jr. laundered the money through a blood testing company that he used to own.  

Heidi Francavilla used a number of shell companies to launder other money.

They got away with it for a long time because they stole the doctor’s money back in 2011, but they held him off by making him promise after promise.

They claimed that they would each put up $250k for the surgical center and that they would have a union send all of its members to the center.  The doctor would be repaid first and then they would split the money that came into the business.

They are facing 5 to 10 years in prison, but we all know they will not get that much actual time. Unless somebody else flips and gives up other crimes.

Most likely they will all take plea deals and spend maybe four years inside.

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