Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Tale of Two Capos

Life in a mafia family is never dull, and many times when you feel like you are finished with that life you end up getting pulled back into it.

Two capos - Anthony Pipitone & Bobby DeLuca Sr. - have vastly different stories.  They both end up in the same place.

Anthony Pipitone, a capo in the Bonanno family, was taken down down in October of 2009 in a 33 count indictment along with 14 others.  The FBI had taken down the Bonanno ruling panel in the case.  They caught Pipitone discussing his part in a stabbing of two men he thought broke windows in a Queens restaurant.  The problem was that Pipitone and the others stabbed two teenagers who did not break the windows.  Pipitone received 46 months in a plea deal for that indictment.  

Pipitone promised the judge he was finished with the Mafia life.  I am surprised the judge was lenient.  Pepitone, who was out on supervised release, had a “do not associate” list.  You are to have no police contact and no contact with felons. The Bonanno family held their annual Christmas party at a restaurant on Staten Island last year.  There were no paparazzi, but the FBI was present to capture it all on video.

They also caught him having a capo meeting at a house in Queens and at a barbershop.

This time the judge had enough, and he gave him two more years behind bars a few weeks ago.

The good news is he will be off the street.  The bad news?  He will go back to his position when he returns.

Bobby DeLuca Sr. was a longtime New England Patriarca family capo until 2011 when he agreed to cooperate with the FBI.  

He signed the deal and agreed to be complete and truthful when being debriefed by the FBI.

The FBI must have been satisfied with his cooperation because in 2014 a judge sentenced him to one day in jail.

He had the chance to come clean and he did not. DeLuca was arrested at his Fort Lauderdale home on June 30 for lying to the FBI.

DeLuca told the FBI he did not know where nightclub manager Steven A DiSarro was buried.  

DiSarro had run a club for Frank Salemme and his son Frank Jr., and he was murdered because he was called before a grand jury.  

The FBI just unearthed DiSarro’s remains behind a Providence Mill.  Billy Ricci, who is part owner of the property and used to be a member of DeLuca’s crew, gave up the location.

Ricci was arrested on charges of cultivating marijuana.

Deluca did not come clean when he had the chance.

The old saying proves true - three people can keep a secret, if two are dead.

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