Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Disappearance of Little Tony Zizzo

You may not be familiar with the name Anthony Zizzo, or “Little Tony” as he was also known. Little Tony was a Chicago Outfit guy who may have assumed the underboss position for a short period of time.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information on the disappearance or the whereabouts of Little Tony.  Little Tony is presumed to be dead.  

He left his town home in Westmont, Illinois for a meeting on Rush Street in Chicago.  When he kissed his wife goodbye, she had no idea she would never see him again.  Little Tony drove to a restaurant in Melrose Park where he parked his Silver Jeep Cherokee and got into another car that would take him for his sitdown.

The sitdown was supposed to take place at a Rush Street restaurant where it was to be mediated by Joseph Andriacchi a well respected former underboss of the Outfit. What the FBI thinks, is Little Tony was kidnapped and murdered someplace where there were less eyes.  

The killers “disappeared” Little Tony’s body, and so far no informant has given up it’s location.

Little Tony came up in the crew of Outfit boss Sam Carlisi, along with James Marcello, who would also become boss one day.  

Little Tony and Marcello were taken down together in the early 1990’s. The indictment refers to Little Tony as a guy who handed out juice loans to gamblers and a boss.

When Marcelo was released in 2003 he took over as the boss of the Outfit.  He would not last long because he was soon swept up in the Family Secrets case.

Little Tony was not caught up in that case and some Outfit members may have felt a little uneasy with that.  He still remained underboss as well as representing Marcello’s interest on the street.

He got into a dispute with Mike Sarno, who was from the same crew but was moving up quickly over the Joker Poker trade.  Things soon were out of hand and word was sent  from Marcello to Little Tony to let it go.  He could not and he kept the fight going.

MIke Sarno decided that life would run smooth without Little Tony around.  Marcello did not put up a fight and the sitdown was arraigned.  

The disappearance of Little Tony is one of the Outfit’s last big hits, and now the FBI is looking for answers.  Someone out there knows and will someday be willing to trade on that information.

I wonder how soon it will be?  Little Tony’s wife passed away 5 years after he went missing and the rest of the parties are doing long stretches in prison.  

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