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Clinton Pay for Play with the Gambinos

So much is in the news about the presidential race, most of which is blasting Trump. One can easily forget that the Clintons have been enriching themselves at our expense for decades.

The big question is how Rosario “Sal” Gambino, a convicted heroin trafficker and a member of La Cosa Nostra - who with his brothers flooded the streets of America with over 600 million dollars in heroin, got on the pardon list in the last days of Bill Clinton's Presidency?

I decided to research this some more, and revisit my former post on the topic.  I found out that my blog on this subject no longer comes up on a google search about Gambino & Clinton.  It used to.  I also cannot find the Congressional testimony that used to be online as a PDF.  Strange.

Rosario Gambino was arrested on March 16, 1984 and they found a loaded .38 pistol and $20,000 in cash. Two of the bills were directly traceable to heroin deals made with agents, plus there was a small sample of 95% pure heroin found.  He was in possession of confidential reports from the NYPD that detailed surveillance of Cafe Milano in Brooklyn. The report was later found to have come from rogue policeman Louis Eppolito.

Rosario was one of the leaders of the Pizza Connection heroin ring.  In 1978 six kilos of heroin were seized at JFK Airport in New York.  It never made the news, so the traffickers suspected the airline employees of stealing it.  Some were threatened and others tortured.  Rosario came in as a mediator, and he believed the employees when they said that the kilos were seized.
Rosario was arrested for the kilos, but he was acquitted.  The fact remains he was high enough to step in to find the missing heroin.

When his relatives were dealing with the undercover agent to sell heroin, they made numerous calls to Rosario that were intercepted.  The relatives promised the agent that Rosario could provide 10 kilos of heroin a month to them.

The ATF had evidence of arson of pizza restaurants in New Jersey by Rosario and his brother.

It is clear to me that Rosario should not be on the presidential pardon list, so how did this come about?

This all came about through his son Tommy.  According to the US Congressional report, Sal's son Tommy Gambino is a made man in the Los Angeles mafia family and maybe even an underboss.  I was introduced to Tommy once by Jimmy Caci, and was told he was “the same as him.”  Sal Gambino set up a meeting between Tommy and I in Beverly Hills and when I was at Joe Isgro's ( Gambino family soldier) Raging Bull Records, Joe had Anthony Gambino, Tommy's brother, working in the office.  

Tommy was running a payphone business called Progressive Telecom, and guess who is a partner: none other than Colombo Capo Donnie Shacks.  This is where things get good, because Tommy Gambino would soon become friends with Roger Clinton, the brother of then-President of the United States Bill.  Tommy Gambino met Roger Clinton in a Beverly Hills Club when he was with introduced by Gino Vannelli, a music industry manager.

Roger Clinton would later tell authorities that he knew that he was meeting Tommy Gambino because his father was seeking parole, but that after meeting him he realized what a close family Tommy Gambino came from.

Tommy Gambino gave Roger Clinton his father’s files, and after Roger reviewed them he felt that Sal Gambino had not gotten a fair deal.  Where was it that Roger went to law school? According to Roger, he then agreed to contact the US Parole Commission for Sal Gambino as long as they held nothing back concerning the case. Roger Clinton would later tell investigators that Tommy Gambino told him that if he helped get his father out of prison they would take care of him.

Roger made calls to members of the Commission and even had a meeting with one of them on behalf of Sal Gambino.  To be completely fair to Roger, he also sought help for two other prisoners.  The FBI wanted to set up a meeting between Roger Clinton and another "Parole Commission Member,"  really an undercover agent, but the Parole Commission would not cooperate.  Roger Clinton and Tommy made a trip to Washington DC in March of 1999 for who knows what.  Roger Clinton was playing golf with four people in Los Angeles when Tommy Gambino drove up on a golf cart and handed Roger a box with a gold Rolex watch in it.  Roger told the men he was playing with that the man was Tommy Gambino and he was helping his father.  Two of the men were US Air force Intell Officers and they were uncomfortable with what they saw, so they reported what they saw to the FBI.

On September 27, 1999 Tommy Gambino's sister Anna wrote a $50,000 check to Roger Clinton’s company. This money came from Lisa Gambino in Staten Island, New York, and both women frequently received deposits from Antonio Genovese (partners with John Gambino in G&G Concrete in New York).

Roger Clinton would later tell the FBI that money was a loan so he could buy a house and that all he took was existence money.  Sal Gambino would then apply for a pardon from the president in 2000.  The first call Roger made on January 20, 2001 was to Tommy Gambino's cell phone, and that was the day his brother was no longer president and Sal Gambino had gotten no pardon.
Sal Gambino was paroled to an Immigrant Detention Center in 2006, and he was deported to Rome, Italy on May 23rd, 2009.

It should be clear to anyone who reads this that Rosario Gambino had no business applying for a pardon.  It clearly shows that that those that can pay have a different justice than those that can’t.  This was not just some scam for Roger to get paid.  The White House received a petition for commutation for Rosario Gambino. Documents indicate that the White House lawyer responsible for clemency matters requested a criminal background check on Gambino, which is normally done when some serious consideration is being given to a grant of clemency.

The FBI had a plan to plant an undercover agent in the parole board but they were sabotaged by parole board members.  There is so much more to the pay to play.  If you want to read more read United States Congressional Serial Set, No. 14778, House Report No. 454 and The Goodfella Tapes Book about the John Stanfa War against Joey Merlino for control of the Philly Mob.  There is a great part of Tommy Gambino speaking to John Stanfa.

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