Sunday, October 2, 2016

Gerard "Skeevy" Bellafiore: Bank Robber for Life

In July of 2016 a Martin County Sheriff's deputy responded to a burglary in progress at a Chase Bank in Jensen Beach Florida. When he pulled up to the bank he witnessed a man wearing a hoodie attempting to grab night deposit bags out of the box he had broken into.  The man turned and was holding a modified gaffing hook - a garden hoe sized tool used to bring large fish in off a line.  

The man had on a Freddy Kruger mask and advanced towards the deputy.  He was ordered to put down the hook but instead decided to charge.  The deputy fired several shots striking the man, who was still able to run to his car and make a brief getaway.  He then hit a lightpole before he made it out of the parking lot.

The sheriff would soon learn that Gerard Bellafiore was no stranger to car wrecks and bank robberies.

He once tried to escape from the North Miami Police.  He took them on a ten block chase that ended when he lost control of his Corvette, hit a light pole, launched in the air and landed upside down on some new SUV’s at a car dealership, where the Corvette exploded in flames.

One would think that someone who lived through that life threatening experience would decide to give up a life of crime, but he did not.

He was charged along with twelve others back in 2000 with racketeering for robbing a number of banks.  He flipped and testifedi at the trial of Edmund Boyle, a Gambino family connected guy.
He explained to the jury how they robbed banks.  He showed them how and the tools they used.
He would later turn down WITSEC but promises he would go straight.  

It didn't last long, because he was soon in Florida with another crew of guys robbing banks.  He used the same M.O. He would have lookouts with walkie talkies and police scanners watching the area around the bank as he used a saw to cut off the door to the night deposit box. He used a ten foot chain attached to a car to pull the deposit boxes out. He would then use the gaff hook to pull out bags of cash retailers had deposited.

He went away for that, and when he came out he vowed again to go straight.  It didn’t last, because here he was at Chase bank, working on a box.

I cannot believe he does not tire of living life locked up.

This time I am sure he will receive another decade or more of time behind bars.

The grandson of former Gambino boss John Gotti, who also shares the same name as his famous grandfather, is being held in protective custody.  It would seem the NYPD was listening in when John Gotti’s grandson was bragging about selling 4,200 Oxycodone a month pulling down over $100k a month. It also seems that Gotti learned to run his mouth like his grandfather.  He bragged that he kept his drug records and cash at an associate's house.  

He now faces up to 25 years. I wonder what he will do when he gets out.

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