Saturday, January 21, 2017

Another Bonanno Capo Gets Locked Up

Peter Lovaglio, aka “Pug,” a Bonanno capo, has done two stints in federal prison and now he will be doing some state time for an assault.

In 2013 he was caught meeting with Gerald Chili, a capo from Florida who was picked up at the airport by Anthony Rabito, aka “Fat Tony.”  The FBI was watching them the whole time.  They have so many confidential human sources there are no secrets anymore.  Gerald Chili was on probation so he was later arrested.

Pug ended up pleading guilty to cover three probation violations.  

In 2013 a company known as G&S Carting Inc. wanted to obtain an exemption for the company from the New York City Business integrity commission so they could operate a trade waste business to haul away building waste from demolition and construction.

Chung Industries Inc. also applied for an exemption in 2013 to haul away trade waste.

The problem was, both of these companies were run by a man known as Carl Puma.

Christine Puma claimed to be the 100% principal operator of Chung Industries, Chung is her maiden name.  

You see, Carl Puma wanted access to jobs that were set aside for MWBE (Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises).  His wife, being both a woman and a minority, would have access if she was sole owner of a company.  So he opened a second company out of the same office and ran it under her name.  He was overheard telling someone that he informed his wife if they were designated a MWBE they could have access to a 10 million dollar contract job.

The commission did some more digging and they found out Carl Puma was friends with Peter Lovaglio, a known member of organized crime.  Carl Puma claimed he did not know him well.  Then the commission found that they exchanged 17 cell phone calls in a short period of time.  Peter Lovaglio had a company called LLN LOVA Inc.  The commission found a check SWF Trucking made out to G&S Carting Inc that had written in the memo line “for Balance due LLN Lova.”

The commission denied both companies their requested exemptions.

In November of 2015 Peter Lovaglio got into an altercation at an upscale Sushi restaurant on Staten Island.  He struck the owner in the face with a broken glass, nearly causing him to lose his eye.

He got away that night but the police had a photograph of Peter Lovaglio that the NYPD Organized Crime Investigations unit later identified. He was arrested and just last week he plead guilty.  He was promised an eight year cap on first degree assault with a five year term of post release supervision.

Peter Lovaglio also still has a case of aggravated driving without a license and possession of a deadly weapon hanging over his head.  He was supposedly drunk and had a knife.

You have to wonder sometimes about these guys.  There was no profit to be had.  They seem instead like the types of crimes committed by men with drinking problems and a temper.

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