Sunday, March 5, 2017

Goodbye Teddy Persico Sr.

The death of Theodore Persico Sr leaves one brother, Carmine, the boss of the Colombo family.  Brothers Alphonse “Allie Boy” Persico, Carmine “Snake” Persico and Theodore “Teddy” Persico were all three made Colombo family members.  Carmine took over as boss and appointed his brother as underboss, while Teddy was a capo and on the ruling panel that ran the family.

Teddy Sr had a long career in the Colombo family rackets.  He was indicted in the 1980’s for a number of crimes, including loan sharking, gambling and extortion.  When his brother Carmine went away, he was one of those that passed messages to the family.

He was a vital part of Persico faction during the war in the 1990’s and he would end up serving 22 years because of it. The informants claimed that he helped direct the war against the other faction of the family lead by Vic Orena.  

He was not convicted of murder, but many informants placed him at the meetings where they were planned.  He appealed his charges because it was revealed that Greg Scarpa Sr was an FBI informant during the war.  It is funny because the Persicos leaned on Greg’s crew to do most of the killing.  He would also claim there was no war just Greg Scarpa settling scores.

If anyone would like to read more on Greg Scarpa, I suggest the Mafia Hitman's Daughter by Linda Scarpa.  It is a well written book by somebody who was actually there, not one of these phoney writers or talking head TV commentators who do not know anything real about the life.

Teddy Sr was the father of Teddy Jr who ordered a hit while on furlough from prison because the guys tried to kill his father.

Teddy Sr had done the last 6 years of his prison time locked in a medical facility because of his failing health.  

Many people thought he would get out and try to get the Colombos back on track.

Teddy Sr wanted no part of the life when he got out.  I know a guy who was locked up with him in MCC Manhattan.  He didn't want to be bothered by anyone.  He had a corrections officer on the take who would bring him stuff from outside.  The officer would go meet someone at the restaurant Embers in Bay Ridge.

Once Carmine goes, the Colombo family will probably be better off.  Teddy Jr still has some years to serve, and then he will be on parole.  

He would do better to get a job when he gets out than return to being a criminal.

John Gotti, the grandson of the late Gambino Boss John Gotti, was sentenced this week to 8 years in prison for his role in a pill distribution ring.

He flooded the streets with prescription opioid pills over the years.  

He had to forfeit the cash, almost $260,000, seized during his arrests, and he will have 5 years parole when he gets released.

He joins the ranks of many of his male relatives in going to prison.  

How can anyone think that being in organized crime is a good idea?

Teddy Persico Jr: you can still change your life. It is never too late.

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