Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Life in Breakshot

The Life.

That is what I write about in Breakshot. Anyone who reads it will see it is about the life and all that it is and was. The life looks glamorous and fun. The reality of the life is that it’s a grind. I wanted it and I gave up everything for it. It was not worth it.
Joseph Avila was murdered in what should have been the prime of his life. He would never see his kids grow up. Mike Rizzi the Capo who everyone ranked as a tough stand up Guy., died in diapers after years locked away. Mike did many years; he did a lot of work, in the end all that was for nothing. I have pictures of his funeral, just family and a few friends. No big Mafia send off for Mike.

I write about Mama Coca aka Griselda Blanco, she was the female Scarface. She made millions, so many millions, yet she lived in a state of war. She had to move, hide out. Her young son had to live with others to be safe. She did 24 years straight and then was deported. She lost two of her three sons to the life.
Osvaldo, the next Pablo Escobar made it to 1992 and Uber made it till 2000.

Bill Cutolo Sr lived the life; he made it to the upper levels. Yet when he was called to make peace he did. He helped put the Illegal Colombo Family back together. Then when greed got the better of those in power he was called in and that was that. 8 years his family waited and then finally they had closure.
The killers of Bill Cutolo did not fair well. Allie Boi Persico got life and so did Jokey Deross. Tommy Man Boobs Geoli is done. Big Dino is done and may have flipped. Joey Caves got on that boat first so he will live a life..

I used to think the Mafia was this sophisticated organization, then my eyes opened and I saw it for what it was in real life. A ragtag bunch of loser criminals.
Look at those idiots who shot Joey Camp. They followed him around in one of their wives blue mini vans. They had to yell out his name before they blasted him. Chickie you should have worked on your aim. Goodbye for the rest of your life.

That is what the life is about. It is a dead end. That is the point of Breakshot.


  1. can u post up rizzis funeral pics ? peace out ken

  2. I will later after I post up other stuff.
    Kenji OC

  3. ken:

    do u have a pic of tommy g that u can put up ??

  4. Kenny did you hear Kim Persico, Carmine's daughter in law was caught in Staten Island stealing a cart full of groceries and shit from Target. Haha

    She's the daughter of one of his other sons I think.


    That's Tommy Gioli. It is kinda weird that he bought like 3 pounds of junkfood snacks . For a supposedly sick old man with diabetes how stupid you have to be when you're using that whole pity defense

  6. Gioli said that the snacks were for his fellow inmates. He knows how to share. ;)

  7. Yo Ken, can you clear something up about Mike Rizzi? When did he move to California? Sources give different times. Some say he moved in 1976 after working for the Gallos, while others say he was in L.A. before the Colombo war and went to NYC to assist Gallo before moving back.

  8. Mike Rizzi ws in Cali before the War. Joey Gallo came out to Hollywood to ask him top come back.

    Kenji OC