Monday, January 25, 2010

The Turning Point

Jan 28, 10:00 pm

(60 minutes)
Flipped: A Mobster Tells All
Kenny "Kenji" Gallo
TV-14 (V)

Loyalty, honor, ?family? meant nothing to Kenji ? he simply loved living life dangerously. So when the FBI caught up with him, Kenji offered to fly to New York, wear a wire and bring down some of the heaviest hitters of the Colombo Crime Family.

Watch the Discovery Channel, Thursday

The Turning Point.

I wanted to write about some of the things that make guys in the life want to make a change. I do not mean that all guys flip, I mean when they see the life for all that it has become and the walk away.
Last week I was a guy from the biggest cocaine family in history. The guy’s family made hundreds of millions of dollars on cocaine. He swam in Pablo Escobar’s pool when he was young. He has lost many family members to the cocaine wars. He told me that he changed when after getting into some trouble he was working on a crew laying tile. He was laying tile in the hallway of a building where he used to own a condo before the Government took it. That is when he knew it was all a waste.
While we were talking another guy came by to say hello. This guy was Mr. cocaine in the ghettos of California during the 80’s there was nobody bigger. He just now got out. All the time he did, for what?
Many people who read this may not understand that the life is a grind. It wears you down. I used to see guys walk away and I just thought they were not cut out for the life. I had no idea that they were just smart!
Another guy, a son of a Black Panther was telling us that his father was in and out of the can his whole life. The father went away so the son could have a better life. He got into the life right out of high school and he soon found himself in a closet with an AK-47. He was to wait in a house until a guy came home and then jack him. He waited for a day and nothing, the guy never came. The deal was called off and he left the house, which was it for him. He walked away from the life and never looked back.

I guess that most of these Mafia guys never learn or they never reach that point. Most are small town guys. They live and die in Brooklyn or Staten Island. They never realize that there is a world outside that is vast and great. Teddy (Do Over) Persico did 17 years on a drug beef. He came out and in the first 10 hours already was on his way back. Teddy had no idea at the time. The funny thing about Teddy is that he never learned a thing. Teddy Persico Sr, Carmine (Gimpy) Persico, Allie Boi and many more in his family were away for life. Teddy is still playing the role. Now into construction and hitting the clubs with a crew. He might as well enjoy it now; he will be in some Federal lock up soon.

I was around Louie Gelfuso a Capo in the LA Family. He was a hard luck guy. He was around Peter (Shakes) Milano and very loyal. When Pete became boss he badged Louie and then moved him up to Capo. The family was hurting so Pete brought in some new blood. The Fiato’s put all of them away. Louie and his son Michael both went away for a long time.
Louie came out to nothing, the family was a shell. I was there on the boat when Louie’s ashes were scattered at sea. I looked around and I knew it was over. The life just is not worth the heartache.

BIG DINO went to Team USA! Well some Colombo's will be going away.
Kenji OC



    Big Dino did flip! You were right Kenji...

    I wonder as one of the commenter's in the article stated who he gave up or will give up cause Cacace is already doing 20 yrs and will probably die in tha can...

  2. WOW.... What about his TUFF-GUY Brothers?
    WIT-SEC Too? Or are they staying behind and gonna still play the role?

  3. Haha. You would think the killers would be the ones the government would want to lock away. Instead the Feds give him a pass for 7 murders. What kind of legal system do we have?

  4. on your old blog i read that u said they scattered gelfusos ashes out to sea in ventura.
    was he from ventura or around ventura county??

  5. Louie Gelfuso was from Rhode Island. I have no Idea why they had it there.

    Kenji OC

  6. how the fuck can the feds take calabro hes no good hes lowlife that will never change. he is the one who deserves the death penalty

  7. I guess Dino Saracino will be the only one convicted of shooting the cop! Guess he`s gonna get the death penalty.

  8. ken how can the the g men make a deal with 2 guys who killed a cop when the 3rd guy is 70ty and doin 20ty why? all the perisco faction is over there only making the other side stronger. will dino be deported,he was not born here and killing a cop is the most violent thing you can do in the u.s.a. ken i know you dont approve them cutting a deal for a conviction of a 70ty year old man what do you think? that case most be weak. lawyers are gonna crush dino right? nice your being more professional in your writting maybe if i ever find breakshot in barnes i'll check it. peace. the "do over" name is lame stop dickriding the guy, a gangster is a gangster to they roll.

  9. Ken,

    What happened with the big round up that was supposed to happen during the holidays?

    Who could Calabro hurt at this point?

    Everyone is GONE?

    Jr. are there any guys left out on the street that you know of that are legit?

    Just the WANNA Be's

    LOL.... Everyone is a RAT... EVERYONE....

    Who ever is out there RUNNNNNNNNNN to the FEDS and make the deal before your crew does...

    And you are left holding the BAG....



  10. I just saw your discovery channel special. I enjoyed it, they didnt really say whether any of the info you gave the FBI was ever used they just said at the end you wore a wire for 8 years which I think is kudos to you cause thats def a long time not getting caught, I am going to get your book and see more on your story. I am very interested in your dealing with the Colombos...

  11. whos the other rat that capeci posted about????? colombo guy

  12. ^^^ im also trying to figure that out you know anything bout this kenji? its soem colombo guy thats been away in the can for the past 16 years and is a good pal of allie boy

  13. It's Frankie blue eyes or sum shit like that that ratted or so I read

  14. ^^^I just read that the new rat is jailed Colombo capo Frankie "Frankie Blue Eyes" Sparaco you were right. He is currently serving a 24 yr sentence for murder. He was in the news recently for having one of his associates scam a congressman looking for POW's

  15. where can I see the flipped special I missd it on tv?

  16. Word out of MDC Brooklyn is that Dino Saracino is getting ready to flip on Cacace and Gioeli.

  17. feds wont take saracino.

  18. Was wondering if you are still responding to posts - kinda late... had a question about Michael Gelfuso - think I dated him/lived with him for a while in Las Vegas in the 70's... not sure if this is the same guy... met him in Fresno, California where he worked for his Dad - sort of - drove a garbage truck but always had plenty of $$$