Monday, February 1, 2010

How the FBI dismantles a family

How the FBI dismantles a family.
The FBI may work slowly but they work hard. They take years to put together a case and one of their most powerful weapons? The Witness Protection Program and the illusion of a fresh start in life. This gives a guy involved in the life a way out.
They broke the Five Families with the Commission case, they destroyed the New Jersey family, and today the Bonanno family is nothing but a shell. They put away most of the Gotti family and they ended Baby Gotti’s effectiveness. The FBI is now putting the last nail in the Persico coffin.
Two more guys have joined Team America Big Dino Calabro and Frankie Blue Eyes Sparaco.
Big Dino will finish off Tommy Tits Geoli and that crew. Frankie Blue eyes is a whole new set of problems for the Persico family. He was around Teddy Persico Senior who only has a few years left being locked up. Teddy used to bring back messages from his brother Carmine, okay the idiot did not always bring back the right message but he was the man. He was close with Frankie Blue Eyes who was a Wildman! So who knows what Frankie will tell the Feds about Teddy? Goodbye Teddy. Frankie was so close to the Persico family that the upstart faction of the Colombo Family wanted to take him out first. They just could not find out enough about him. I think Teddy Persico Jr’s buddy B.F. Big Frank Gurruero may have some problems. B.F. was close to Frankie for years.
A person has to wonder what the FBI had on Frankie Blue Eye’s to make him Flip! The days of hanging at the Limo Company in Brooklyn are over for Frankie! I think they maybe over for a few guys. I look forward to seeing him on an episode of Flipped A Mobster Tells All! Thank you to all the people who tuned into the show!
I hope a few guys on the street watched it and found out that there is a life outside of Brooklyn. I think the Discovery Channel did a good job on my story and that of Mikey Flat Top.
I hear that the little fat guy George Feneli maybe like a half a badge now on Staten Island. The family has truly fallen of hard times.


  1. hey kenji i have to ask u why in the world the feds take calabro hes a rotton man who deserves to die in jail and never get that chance at life again

  2. Kenji do u have a list of the people in Calabro's crew? Was Gioeli his capo at one time before he got promoted to street boss? And how big are the Colombos on Long Island? Any areas, activities or locations in particular where they operate? Thanks.

  3. calabro will be in jail a long time.

  4. Kenji,

    I missed the show do you know when they are going to be running it again?

    You were with Mike DeRosa? He is mentally distubed is he out and about?


  5. well i hope your are right and calabro don't come home for along time. hes just a piece of shit. i still don't know how they are giving him a second chance.


    thats Capeci's new article where he discusses everything with the Colombos, Big Dino, and Sparaco flipping

  7. Yo Kenji,
    What Up Dude?. I, see all new site looks good. So good ole Calabro finally decided to flip huh. Wow sounds like teddy "Do over" might not be long for the streets anymore. Oh well the end had to come sooner or later. hey have you heard from JR lately?

  8. the guy blue eyes what can he give the gov he's been in jail for 16 yrs aint there limitations on crimes except murder so i think the old guy teddy will be home, cause everyone rolled or was convicted from the perisco camp for murders? they need hard evidence for teddy to do life he's been in 16 yrs to? sad you want to see a man you never knew die in jail, sad, hatefullman,

  9. yes, calabro finally got accepted what a shame there giving him another chance i don't understand how they can even trust him.

  10. I know that rat flattop I lived in that rat hood all I have to say little Dino is taking it like a man a real gangsta