Saturday, February 6, 2010

Being Japanese in Organized Crime.
I never considered it a stumbling block to where I wanted to go. In 1986 in my school year book I wrote that I wanted to go to New York and that Yeyo was king. That became my goal and I reached my goal. When I was in the cocaine business being mixed race helped me. When in Mexico or south I would not stick out. When smuggling cocaine or cash I did not look like a drug smuggler. I did have help and I knew what the DEA was looking for and I made sure I did not fit the profile. I was called names over the years, but it never bothered me. I knew I stuck out when I was in Brooklyn. Those people were among the most racist people I ever met. I guess the movies were true. I think it helped me get in with these idiot Mafia people. If I was an Italian I would have to come up with family, where I grew up etc. This way I was just a Jap.
I was out in front of a restaurant with Teddy Persico and Eddie Garafolo and some lady threw me her keys and told me to park her car. To her any Asian (they all look the same) in Bayridge had to be a worker. The threatening emails I get are the best! They show how uneducated these people can be.
There was another Japanese guy who came before me in the Mafia. He was with the Chicago Outfit, he was a gambling boss. Ken Eto was with the Outfit for many years and he was loyal until they put some bullets in his head. The only problem? Ken Eto lived! He went on to testify against the Outfit. He died of natural causes a few years ago.
I guess the Yakuza would have been better for us; then again I am sure that is a waste also.
Times have changed.
The Feds made a deal with Big Dino Calabro I bet he gave them some really good stuff. I am sure he let them know where Carmine was hidden. I am also sure he gave them some new cases. He will not walk, but maybe his wife will get to keep something, maybe he will get out in 15 years.
The guys that are away have to be worried! Teddy Persico sr, John Goggles Baudanza and Craig Marino must be worried. Craig’s time will come; he knows that he did Freddy. He knows that he and John got the two brothers and people who flip know. That means that the law knows!
The clock is ticking!
Kenji OC! Flipped A Mobster Tells All!


  1. big dino will finish the colombo family.joe no balls baudanza his brother carmine,john rosatti,john stallupi,andrew russo,ben castellazo,billy russo,teddy sr. and teddy jr,craig marino and goggles are all doomed.don't forget mike souza is also on team america.that whole long island bunch of fools are done.souza is singing about drugs in cali and fla.stick a fork in them there done

  2. what brothers are you talking about? anyone know if dinos 2 fag brothers nooch and Enzo went into the program with him? thats 2 douchebags that wont be talking tough in bayridge anymore!

  3. ya the other 40ty guys who were not loyal to the perisco's will be cutting up a couple mill after the super bowl payday monday morning.

  4. This post is about my interview with Bill Cutolo Jr. "I ain't no fan of rats believe me" he says dryly, but one has to wonder is that life really worth it? Look at its history. Its ALWAYS the guy's best friend that does him in. So why the loyalty? Billy always told me that if his father got hurt during the war, he would of chalked it up. But that wasnt the case as he stated to me which makes so much MORE sense now than it did 10yrs ago...When I speak to him now, there's a sense of peace in his voice. No remorse over his decision to aid in his father's investigation. Though ONE thing he still has a problem with when I speak to that he asked me not to speak about until HE talks about it. So out of respect to him I divulge. So, at the end of each day, he reflects. He says, "there is NO better reward in life than being a father"." "I wake up with my children every day and they kiss me good night EVERY night." "I am SURE in my heart that my father undoubtedly is smiling at the new life I have created." "I guess when I try to break it down in Lehman terms, my father gave his life in order for me and my children to HAVE a life." As he tells me this his eyes well up. I asked him why still the tears. "If you knew my father, you and may I say hunreds of thousands from 10 to a 100, girl, boy woman or man. can say that Bill Cutolo touched my heart." "He raised millions for charities. If someone asked him for help, all he would say is "HOW can I help?" and he would deliver. Time and time again. For years thats how he gave back."Those are the things I want him to be remembered for." "Seeing his name on plaques and trophys in thanks for all his hard work and devotion for various charities." "Most notably was the National Leukemia Ass." "He would have these fund raisers year in and year out." "I say this because I was there with him." "I used to watch him in amazement." "I couldnt understand how ironic his life was at times." "But at the end of the day all the people wanted to remember him as was "Wild Bill" of the Colombo crime family, but the way I like to remember him as, was just DAD." "Hey, I had him for 29yrs of my life...many cannot say the same of their father's." "It wasn't THAT easy to say this at first, but as years pass, you learn to acknowledge the pain and how to cope." "My life is ALL about making new memories and to avoid the pitfalls of our father's before us." At the end of our conversation I had to tell him what a bright, wise young man at the tender age of only 39. He says his father made him wise beyond his years..which he attributes to that of the reason why he is still alive today. People can say what they like about Billy, but like I said I've grown to know him and he is a good man and great father. The rest of the public will eventually get to hear the rest as he advised me to say. "Who cares about me or what I did?" "If they want to know about my father and what a real man he was, then I will tell the story..but it will be on my time and definitely MY terms.." He thanks Kenji for his advice. "He's a really smart guy. People need to read his book or if their lucky enough to meet him, I know they would concur." I will end this post by saying what a pleasure it was to sit and spend time with Billy. He has since been humbled by the loss of his father and it shows. Thanks Billy and I see nothing but great things for you and your beautiful family to come.

    warmest always,
    "Good Luck on your endeavours",


  5. They will put Flipped a Mobster tells all on blast soon. They just ran it, so it will be a month.

    Kenji OC

  6. wonder if big dino will come clean about the death of his lil cousin frankie saracino lil dinos brother sure every body will b shocked when they hear the details on that ps woody from brooklyn is out on bail not a rat and walking the streets so he cant be in witsec like u idiots out there were saying seen him on 18thave and si mall last week get ur facts strate look him up not in bop custody not released like the rest of those rats

  7. I think it is a wonderful and smart decision on Mr Calabro. I know that myself and family are willing to forgive for the simple fact that he is no longer in the life of the mafia.Those men who continue to commit all these awful crimes definitely deserve to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.I give a standing applause to Mr Competiello and Mr Calabro, Thank you both for the closure I will receive, To their families be thankful they finally used there brains and walked out

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  9. First off...Eddie G! He actually gained respect because of his father's death -- meanwhile he was, and always will be a cunt! Eddie G came to lets just say 'those guys' during the war. He said "here's the guns -- but I can't be involved anymore"....Meanwhile he was one of us! He left. He abandoned us. We will never forget that! But that's Eddie. He always has been a free agent. The guy, literally, has been down with every crew. But we won't forget. Another time. It is what it is.