Monday, May 10, 2010

Flipped: A Mobster tells All Kenny Kenji Gallo May 13th

The world changes everyday. Life goes on. The world stays the same for my former friends who are locked up. I wonder how Johnny Goggles Baudanza likes solitary? I bet Eddie Garofalo has slimmed down in MCC Brooklyn. Eddie likes the easy life. The question is how tall will he stand? Will he be like the Rock Sonny Franzese? Sonny's new words I have to die someplace!
Sonny has had no life. Two sons flipped, two daughters are dead and all his siblings are gone. He lost his home and all his clothes. He has a wife who hates him and yells at him. He has been locked down half his life. How is that a good life. The Feds keep charging the Colombo Family. It is not over yet. I bet Frankie Blue Eye's has a lot to say. I think Michael Persico has a lot to worry about. Eddie Garofalo brought me into the Persico's life, He brought in Steve Marcus and there maybe another informant there. What kind of life is that?

This week on May 13th on Discovery Channel they will show my documentary Flipped: A Mobster Tells All, Kenny Kenji Gallo
Then on June 8th The Deadliest Warrior is on Spike TV.

I am amazed at the people who are still drawn to the life. People never see that it is all smoke and mirrors. You have a bunch of guys who cannot make a living and a select few who live it up. The guys on the bottom do the work and end up getting most of the time.
The big question is will Tommy Tits Geoli flip? If he does what can he give the Feds?

Have a great week! Kenji OC


  1. Kenji,

    lets be real here. You really think Tits will flip. I, don't know the guy myself, but what would he have to gain, from everything i have read the guy is looking at no less then life, and i bet the US attorney will not let him get off even if he says anything. I, think Big Dino and his wife have put the nail in the Columbo's coffin for good.

    420 as always....

    Mr. SD

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  3. after seein mr gallo tday on the tv I have to wonder why anyone would have ever associated with u. Ur a mut my gallo. U have no balls u are not a man u never were.

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  5. Kenji,
    Good job dude. The show was pretty good. Now this barbar dude you still associate with this guy?, and did Craig know you were in on the hit?

    Mr. SD

  6. Thanks! I still speak to


    kenji oc

  7. Greetings my nigga and fellow Freemason General of the Universe Kenny "Kenji Gallo". Figured I'd finally do the right thing...instead of busting your balls, filling up all your blog space with all kinds of crazy shit all the time lol...I set up my own funky fly fresh blog space to exploit and enslave the weak and feeble minded...and eventually conquer the world mwahahahaha!!! :)

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  8. you cant allow everyone to be a rat..... i am still shocked they took big dino. fuckin guy has like 10 bodies on him and i bet joey caves already has info on all of calabros dirt anyways since dino and big dino prob coulndt keep their mouths closed about all their shit. tommy is finished. calabro better get some time. Thats one piece of shit you should have kept locked up. hed stab anyone in the back

  9. Any man who chooses a life of crime and becomes an informant/rat/turncoat is no man whatsoever. I believe in karma and if you get caught for your wrongdoings, you should take your medicine and serve your time like a man, and also repent. That way you can at least look in the mirror and call yourself a man. One who chooses the easy way out (Witness Protection) and throws others under the bus is nothing but a coward who will eventually face the Karma. You know what they say, "If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen." I just thank God everyday that I can look at myself and be proud of who I am and that I am not a weak coward who only looks out for my self and cannot handle any responsibilities. It is disgusting that people actually are fooled by lying rats who will do anything to make a dollar. Please people do not by fooled by this clown. He is and always will be a nobody.

  10. Greetings once again all ye' lowlife Hollywood hyped guinea hoodlum scumbags and definitely all ye' Russian Jew Commie Kike dirtbag guinea wop carbon copies who took every possible negative stereotype regarding Italian Americans and multiplied that shit times infinity (and can't even do that right lol). Just checking in this one time to once again congratulate Mr. Kenny Gallo for standing up for his convictions, doing the right thing, and helping save civilization for the better in his own little way.

    For every immature fantasy obsessed drone who calls Kenny Gallo a rat fink and such for basically saving his own ass and future generations to come (of all races) in general, take at least 2 seconds out of your boring pathetic uneventful lives to realize the simple fact that these so called "men of honor" were just as quick, if not quicker, to throw his name under the bus, rat him out and keep it moving. For those of you in this very day and age living under a fuckin' rock--don't you get it by now??? The Mafia is a fuckin' criminal gang. Nothing more, nothing less. Like any other criminal gang, they're out to make mad money any which way possible...and for the most part, that includes crime...usually violent crime against anybody and everybody who might get in their way. If that means paying off cops and officials and/or throwing in outdated and laughable crap such as Scum-erican patriotism, organized religion, and really ridiculous rituals and superstitions all up in the mix--so be it. These are criminals, they do criminal shit, they have no conscience, morals, values, nothing. If it means coming off all religious/superstition based and such, making themselves look all look dumb, uneducated, foolish, childish, backwards, self-deceitful, and 2-faced in the process--oh well. All part of a day's "work" on behalf of your average morally corrupt criminal. Nothing new. Grow up all ready Scum-erica.

    My main beef right now in regards to this blog in particular, and if I have a bone to pick with anyone--it's with that one mental degenerate who types in all caps like a retard to prove whatever "point" he thinks he has.

    Bottom line, I myself pop off with some crazy absurd shit in proving truly realistic valid points `cause basically I do give a shit about the rest of the world around me...forgive me for having a heart and a conscience. Forgive me for not necessarily agreeing with the rest of these Hollywood hyped mob sympathizer drones and standing up for "rats", rebels, and true revolutionaries.

    Regardless, I will say this. Anybody and everybody who takes part in this particular blog...from Mr. Kenny Gallo himself to all his Hollywood hyped haters and run-of-the-mill mindless drones, to free independent thinkers and basic social critics such as I, for better or for worse, good or bad, at least each of us has something to say and contribute to the topic at hand.

    You "LESTER DIAMOND???" have yet to make a real valid point and contribute to this blog in any way, shape or form!!! Running your toothless, bad breath having, slobbering mouth like a little four year old kid who just had his lunch money robbed does not constitute for shit. Unless it's simply riding mine or Kenny Gallo's, in particular, have yet to say anything of real relevance you moron.

    My advice to the right thing and allow real people with real lives, real families, real ideas (good or bad) to speak their peace. Go find a hobby or something...fuckin' welding, underwater basket weaving, fecal pottery, whatever.

    And with that all's I gotta say is Hail Satan my niggaz, end marijuana persecution once and for all, free Mumia and all "political" prisoners in general, and may the foulest of curses fall upon mankind: PEACE!!! :)