Monday, May 3, 2010

What is the Mafia today?

The Mafia in America today is not what most people picture.  The Television shows and the movies have ingrained an image of the Mafia in our minds.  They are not charming guys in suits who sit around and act funny.  They are not do good Robin hood type figures.  
They are just criminals who are looking after their best interest.  
I like when I go on the BOP website and I check and I see 

 This is a really good thing.  Eddie Garofalo was a two faced guy.  The guy came from money but he just wanted to run in the streets.  He used to fly to the islands when they had an offshore book going.  He was down on Wall street when they were working the pump and dumps.  He went on the lam when he was facing time.  Eddie would blame Danny The Town Drunk Persico for losing their money and getting him busted.  Eddie did get 3 whole months for that!
Eddie did bring me in to the Persicos!  I wonder if Michael Persico knows this yet?
I wore the wire in Eddie truck yard and I got both Eddie and Steve Marcus.  Steve Marcus later flipped and wore a wire.  He got Michael!  There is still so much more to come.  
I used to be around Eddie down on Maiden Lane.
People ask me everyday if I am afraid of the Mafia.  I laugh!  These guys kill their friends in Brooklyn or Staten Island.  I live in the open in California.  I am on Facebook.  I am in Magazines and on TV!  I will soon be on the Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV.
The long arm of the Mafia is a myth.  The purpose of the Mafia is to make money for its members.  Once you go away they do not take care of you. Out of sight out of mind.
So here I am talking about the life from the OC!
Kenji OC out!


  1. kenji,
    About damn time you got this back up. You need to drop some bombs on them damn hackers that keep screwing up your site. Question though when you were in NY did you ever come close to going to blows with mr Do-over?

  2. kenji did you ever hear of a made guy named mikey souza in staten island.word is he is ratting.he is a colombo dumbo who lied and said he was italian.b.o.p. has him released.

  3. go to blows with Teddy are u fuck'n joking, thats the last thing he wanted. go ahead kenny talk shit on how u could beat down Teddy or Eddie, this should be funny..........

  4. I did not know that other guy. I never had any bad words with Teddy Persico Jr If I did, he would be nothing just like big Eddie Garofalo They cannot fight. Most guys on the street can only beat up drunks or those smaller.

    Kenji OC

  5. In which Deadliest Warrior episode are you gonna appear?

  6. I will be on Episode 16: Somali Pirate vs. Medellín Cartel
    I am on the Cartel side.

    Kenji OC

  7. Today is mothers day and all the codumbos will be spending theres in jail with there mothers thousands of miles away, while i sit in the sunny OC scared of noone. Figure i would write ur blog for u today kenjirat

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