Sunday, May 23, 2010

The mafia, When will it end?

When I was in Brooklyn I used to be around Eddie Garafolo all the time.  He would speak about his father Edward Sr often. Edward Sr had been murdered by Gambino Soldier Sammy The Bull Gravano.  I wondered why a guy who had money wanted to be in the life.  He still spoke to his cousin Edward Garofolo.  The guy who was in on the hit.  The truck yard that he used for Big R trucking was Edward's until he sold it to Eddie.  I used to go out to the truck yard to see both Eddie and Teddy Persico jr all the time.  I used to catch Steve Marcus and his son on my wire when I was out there at the yard.  Teddy and Eddie also had a company that had heavy equipment called T&E leasing aka Teddy and Eddie.  They could have made legit money but hey they are Colombo's!  Eddie owns parking lots around the city so he made money.
The crazy part of all this?  Why would Teddy or any Colombo's hang around Eddie Or his uncle Manny?  Those two guys spent a lot of time around me.  I made many tapes on them and yet they did not go down.  No Eddie sits in MCC Brooklyn.  I know Eddie and I know he hates it.  He was in trouble before and he was in the wind.  He was hiding out in Las Vegas and California for some pump and dump stuff. He was given 3 months and Parole.

Michael was finally able to make bail.  He put together a 5 million dollar bail package.  Michael should enjoy this brief freedom.  Frankie Blue eye's and some others are waiting to drop some new RICO case.  

I love the new Lucchese cases!  The Danny Cutia clan is being decimated!  Danny is sick and old, Sal is away and facing more.  Now his son is part of a robbery crew.  Johnny Goggles Baudanza is well into his sentence and he has to be worried.  John and Craig Marino did a lot of work during the Colombo War and now with guys flipping it is just a matter of time.
Time is on the Government side.

Kenji OC


  1. what work did jb and cm do during the war?kill a defenseless pizza guy because he hung up the phone on them when they were drunk?you write things you really don't know about.although i think they did set up joe scopo.i am a fan of yours and i enjoy your blog.

  2. What charges is Danny's son away for?

  3. "can't we all just get along???? :(" no!!! Not until the evil two-headed monster of organized religion and organized crime is destroyed motherfuckers!!!!!

    It is YOU, you fuckin' dirty Italian glorified hoodlum scumbags who first brought this plague into the world and all the bullshit that came along with it. The countless deaths, slavery, disease, mass paranoia, confusion, ignorance, and all that crap.

    So yeah, YOU, you very same fuckin' dirty Italian glorified hoodlum scumbags who created this must do the right thing and help the good common folk in destroying it for least to save face if anything, if not least for your kids sakes, and for many many generations to come...for real.

    Satanism, for those still stuck in some smelly ass dirty farm village in old Palermo somewhere, is not evil...and it is not a religion. Satanism is a way of life and a state of mind which can ONLY lead to bigger and better things for everyone...believe that.

    Even you Kenny Gallo, take some time to give props to the one honorable late Anton LaVey, who first wrote the official Satanic Bible and established the Church of Satan in the late `60's. This great man, who even way back in the day--openly spit and shit on your bullshit ass Judeo-Christian Bible, exposing that shit for the extremely childish, far fetched, hypocritical, ridiculously absurd piece of supermarket trash literature it really is. On top of that, do it with a big old Kool-Aid smile, not giving a fuck in the least, and banging some of that era's hottest broads in the process. Hail Satan to you my nigga indeed...and Hail my niggaz in Norway as well. Several years back, they showed you Judeo-Christian puppets and your bureaucratic crime lords and puppet masters just what's up...and that shit wasn't that long ago. ;)


  4. they did set Joe S. up. TRUST me, I KNOW they did....they r twp pos that set Joe up just so Teddy wouldnt come home and toss those two piss asses ina dumpster. They were able to set Joe up buth they couldnt get Bill at the same time. They bided their time and then they sucked him in too.....It wil ALL come out SOON....stand by...

  5. craig maybe.. But not john. John is no killer

  6. thats true....he isn't....

  7. but the holy judeo-christian bible is. continue....

  8. Eddie G has a broken ass! He is just lucky. Plain and simple. You walk in a casino with him? He will walk up to a roulette table and play his Father's birthday? And hit! Thats just him. Same with craps! He will take and take from the uninitiated. Guys that don't know any better, will pay Eddie every week! If you are around somebody? He folds like a deck of a cards. Because to him it is smart to. He has so many other fools that it doesn't matter. He has his hooks in a big time promoter and stock guy Claudio. BIG EARNER! I mean real big time. But was a degenerate gambler. Eddie had him over his knee. No joke $40K a week! A week!

    He couldn't fuck with Teddy. Teddy had a "Zen" like spell over Eddie. Eddie would do anything for him.

  9. Teddy is dumb. He just did 18 years. Eddie G. manipulated him, and him and Uncle Manny were easy he thought! It was easy for Eddie. Eddie is the ultimate vulture. He lives on this kind of thing. But now we will see if he has what it takes? I bet NOOOOO! Eddie G. RATS!!!!

  10. whoever made the comical remark directed at Claudio just lost ALL credibility, u have to big kidding me what that nonsense?