Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The real life inside the Mafia.

The real life inside the Mafia is nothing like what you see in the media. When I got there it was a disappointment. I was with the LA Family for more than 10 years and then the Colombo Family. I was around high ranking guys. It was the same. All petty and full of backstabbing people. It was far from the Glamorous life one might think. I never felt any guilt wearing a wire on any guys in the life. I never felt bad at all. When it was all over I felt like a drug addict for the life. I missed the life, not the people in it. After a year in a safe house I saw it for what it was, a dead end.

Today we have a 90 plus year old underboss who is so cheap he gets indicted for shaking down a place for free drinks. He has a known rat, he had heard the tape of Ori Spado and still had him around to give him money. Then he takes back his son John who has informed many times before and was even written about in Ganglandnews.

Today the Feds just keep up their assault on the families. The Families are low down now and even deal with street gangs.

I wonder how much Johnny Goggles Baudanza gets from the family? How about Craig Marino?

I know Teddy and Michael Persico have top notch Lawyers. What about the rest of them?

Its all a sick joke.

KenjiOC Free and next week on The Deadliest Warrior.


  1. hey, how come nigga dom never got pinched for murders of their stk brker friends alain chalem andmaier lehmann?they stole millions in the days of the pump and dumps.how come he was nevere a suspect?if they are still trying to tie allie boy persico to it when dom was the go between?i hope someone reads this and looks into it.their families have the right to know.crooks or not, they never killed anyone.i know its off track but i figured this site may turn over a stone.what the hell is sallyboy x?im trying to figure out if you are a fan of mr gallo's or a pro-gangster satan worshipper.to each his own,just trying to understand.its very perplexing...and intrigueing i might add.happy blogging everyone....

  2. Hail Satan my nigga indeeeeeeeeeeed :)

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  4. Wow this blog really sucks you write the same shit all the time and its all bullshit anyway, plus the only reason you were around italian wiseguys was because of you porn connections if you were not involved with porn you would have been bitch slapped away from jb,cm and the rest of those guys, its a pity they didnt catch on to you they let the little head think for the big one thats the only reason you were around my friend trust me because your a punk rat cocksucker and should die like a rat should. so keep bloging your fiction you coffey boy faggot ......L.D.

  5. Well I was around them. I am still here and they are? Oh yeah gone away!

    The chumps

    Kenji OC

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  7. I was in at the time. Black Dom? Looking to make a name I will tell you that. Alain Chalem? Can't say...Maybe. Don't think so though. Had nothing to do with Wild Bill's crew...let me correct...NOT ENOUGH to do with it for Dom to...

    From trade records...Russian involvement. He fucked over too many people and finally got it. Was brilliant. Big earner. But got greedy. Guy lived in Colts Neck! I mean multi-million dollar house! Was stupid. Many people liked him. But he was too head strong! Big Dom had nothing to do with it.

  8. All this shit is coming out...Is Craig Marino ratting?

    Something to consider....

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  11. Gallo do u really have any clue how insignificant u really are in all of this shit? u were around Teddy for a couple months in the summer of 2004 and that's it, and u act like u are some seasoned life long wiseguy, give up this charade already u have had more than your 15 minutes....

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