Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The FBI has the Mafia on the run.

Today most of what we see about the Mafia in the media is old news. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies keep up the assault on the Mafia. They have hit them so hard that the new crimes they commit are petty. They now have the time and the resource's to go back and open old cases. Today in Orange County the Mustang Club in Santa Ana is long gone. Nothing remains of the old place. If you ask people few would know where it once was located.
Yet today two men are facing the end of their lives for killing the owner Jimmy Casino. Who were they working for? Who ordered the hit? It was not the Mafia. Could it be the relocated Federal Witness? Then there is the killing killing of the Mafia Rat who testified against the Gotti gang Big George Yudzavitch. This killing was no Mafia hit. Someone lured George out to the Irvine parking lot to murder him. Who was it?
The Chicago Outfit faces this Federal assault. They have gone back 20 years to lock up its leaders. This what the Mafia has become. A small Organization that feeds itself on petty crimes.
The next hammer to drop will be on the Colombo Family in New York. They will charge more guys with murder. Watch and wait Michael Persico will have more trouble coming his way.
Allie Boi Persico has not seen his last courtroom. They will go back and guys who are locked up now will face some new charges.

This is the Mafia today. Junior Gotti and Sly Stallone. John Franzese Jr puts his 93 year old father away for what is left of his life.

Kenji OC


  1. who are the 2 guys facing murder charges for the killing of the owner??

  2. Wasn't that Fat Bobby's turf back then - right down from his office?