Monday, July 5, 2010

Mafia Vs USA

The rest of the nation celebrates Independence day and the Mafia plots to undermine our society. They are no longer the threat they once were. Al Queda took down the World Trade Center and the Mafia stole from the clean up! The amount of guys in families that benefited from the towers collapse is staggering. They will still make money from the new projects.
They used to control the garment center where a lot of the clothing is made for the rest of the country. They caused a lot of expense to be passed on to John Q public. They used to Control the docks in New York and they still have a lot of control. The problem? A lot of the shipping companies bypassed New York for better places like Florida!
I find it shocking that people think guys like Sonny Franzese are hero's. The guy stole from everyone for 50 years! He stole our tax money, he killed and now he will pay.
The guy thumbed his nose at society. Today one friend after another testify to put him away for what maybe his last year on this planet. John Franzese his drug addicted do nothing son gave him up to keep people taking care of him.

Eddie Garofalo missed one of his favorite holidays. Gone Eddie are the BBQ and the day of eating yourself into a food coma! Eddie are you gambling inside?
How long can Eddie take it? Can Eddie stand up like Teddy Persico?

I love the Tommy Geoli blog. He cries about his treatment and then talks about his daughters. What about his victims? What about the people he robbed?

The FBI never stops! They will go back forever until all these murders are closed.

Kenji OC


  1. MAFIA vs. USA??? Kenny Gallo on some Illuminati/conspiracy type shit?? Wow, you're getting pretty damn devious dude. Hail Satan my nigga!!! :)

    Well it ain't no surprise how much the Bush family and all those bureaucratic types were in with Bin Laden, for instance, on oil projects in Afghanistan...let alone those wonderful poppy fields over there. Furthermore, it ain't no surprise that those uppity WASP prick bureaucrats, the guinea douchebag mafia, and those smelly towelheads in Al Qaeda are basically one in the same, at least in an "incestuous" sense. LOL!!!

    So, don't anyone think for a second that any three of these greedy, self-righteous, egotistical, two-faced, and RELIGIOUS SUPERSTITION based entities were not only in on 9/11, but also took part in various events that led up to it...let alone all the cash made from cleaning that shit up.

    They're all the fuckin' same for real.

    And with that, all's I gotta say is Hail Satan my niggaz and may the foulest of curses fall upon mankind: PEACE!!! :)

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  4. Funny that so many people are calling Kenny here a rat fuck!! Hahaha The funny part is that all the ones that are calling him a rat fuck dont even know what that life is about and they come on here like the bubble gum gangsters that they are and throw stones out of glass houses. Please Kenny maybe a rat but you would be too. Not many people are going to spend their life behind bars for people who wouldnt do it for them. So lets not all talk like jerk offs here ok? lol

  5. damn, i guess the whole thing regarding the whole Islamo-fascist-guinea wop-cracker connection, in regards to 9/11 at least, is way too deep for most of the Hollywood hyped spaghetti breath guinea wop douchebags reading this shit.

    My bad, next time I'll just stick to simple guinea shit. Like those gay ass slip on Pro-Keds that the one horrible guinea wop actor Tony "Paulie Walnuts" Sirico wears all the time, for instance. LMAO!!!!

    Hail Satan my niggaz and may the foulest of curses fall upon mankind: PEACE. :)

  6. Hey July 20, 2010 7:53....well said friend...well have a feeling we know each other.....=-) well, safe always....

  7. Kenny had no fucking reason whatsoever to be a rat, so don't talk your bullshit about people talking shit on here, and saying we would be rats also. the usual rat is doing it to save his own ass, but Gallo was not even in trouble for anything. he did all this bullshit on his own merrit. nobody coming on this site and blasting Gallo would ever do some nonsense like that. so the only GUMBALL GANGSTER here is u faggot............