Monday, July 19, 2010

Poor Mob Guys.

Sonny Franzese now has two sons who turned. Micheal a man who brought him millions, never hurt him. Sonny still broke Colombo Family rules and still had contact with him. John Franzese wore a wire on Sonny. He took the stand. John needs to be taken care of and the Government is his new daddy. Sonny and his friends are going away. The tapes, their voices that is what is sending them away. John is a messed up guy. He left his wife, he never worked, he was on drugs. The tapes he made do not lie. The other CI made some great tapes and that was it for these guys.

I made many hours of tapes. I recorded every phone call and every meeting. It was all there and it will all be used. People can say what they want about Rats, but the tapes, the guys talking that is what does it.

Wait till they play Michael Persico's tapes in court. Bye bye Michael. Teddy? That guy should have a compilation CD out on his greatest wired up moments. Teddy Persico Jr is a star!
I wonder if Teddy is really pissed at Eddie Garofalo? The FBI warned Eddie that he was in trouble. The whole thing is Eddies fault. Eddie brought me around. I was wired up in Bayridge. I was at Big R all wired. That got Eddie and Steve Marcus, which got Michael Persico.
I hope they enjoy Brooklyn MDC!

There are more Colombo Family secrets to come. The FBI is not done with Michael Persico.
They finally got Sonny Franzese, this is it for him.

I love these tough guys like Tommy Tits Geoli and Joe Waverly crying about their health! What great Mafia guys!

In Orange County California the Jimmy Casino murder case slowly makes its way through the system. More to come?

Kenji OC out and having a good time in LA!


  1. can u talk about the jimmy casino case more? how about writing a blog about it? it gets old with the same colombo guys stuff

  2. Hey Kenji good work!!!!!What do you think about the Orena faction??will they take the lead??Have they a lot of associates??
    Thanks for the reply

  3. Hey Kenji good work!!!!!What do you think about the Orena faction??will they take the lead??Have they a lot of associates??
    Thanks for the reply

  4. Damn Kenji,
    No one posting anymore. Oh well i guess i will then. Hey i was reading an old ass article about the mustang club, and i guess back in the day the city of irvine never wanted this club there to begin with. My question is did you do any business with jimmy casino or any of the fools that worked there?


  5. What about the Orena faction?? Anybody out on the island I hope leaves the top slot to some young jerk off. The older guys out there and they know who they are should just stick to Fla. and call it a career. Those guys out there have enough money to hang em up. Let them just take their PENSION from the bottom feeders thru emiserries. Fuck those guys in Brooklyn. NO BALLZ, NO BRAINS will get u pinched EVERY time.Now that ally and his fag lookin brother michael are out of the way, and tittyboy teddy will b bk doin another 20, let lil robby d take the reigns and the smart guys like joey a. stay back... leave the 3 slots to those jrkoffs. The guys in LI are well off and alot smarter and dont need the headaches that the morons in Bkln bring to the table. SHELF all those jrkoffs in Bklyn and make them come beggin for forget about you MMA busy, which is a good thing. I will b talkin to ya soon....

  6. hey
    is fat bobby a made guy in la??

  7. there just trying to make a better life in jail. thats y there complaining theres nothing wrong with that.

  8. Wow your back at it again, whats the problem you cant find a job, or an Earn (as its called in Brooklyn), but you would not know that, because you actually spent 2 minutes there.
    I heard that the only way you were able to infiltrate was that you let all these guys Do your Wife, is it true?.
    Get a Job, or Volunteer for a special cause, and you wont be in a State of depression that your in, Bringing up the Past shows signs of dementia, Live for today, go on with your life, as your story will not make it to Hollywood, Stop Lying about going to restaurants in Beverly Hill, you cant afford it, as your book, is already up for sale, as Batch Surplus, and you did not get any front money, your Publisher, is scrapping it.
    Much Love and Respect For those That have the Balls to Get up on the Stand and Point the Finger, at there partners in Crime.
    If You Aint a Snitch your a Bitch.

  9. "What About the Orena faction"
    if you Mean Robert Denofrio, He has been a Rat for 20 years, Robert D. Identified in open Court, Carmine Persico Sr. as the Boss, And Jerry Lang as the Underboss of the Colombo Family, Back in early 90's. On Paper robert Denofrio's Statement "Carmine persico, is the boss of the Colombo Family, Gennaro Langella, is the Under Boss, and I am a Made member of the Colombo Family, which is a Racketeering Enterprize".
    Thats the truth, it is official, Thats why he got boiling water thrown on his face, in Jail, from the Guy from Mullberry Street.

  10. Hey Kenji...Just figured I'd let you know, in case you haven't heard...the locked up Sonny Franzese Sr. for 8 93, it's a life sentence. To think his OWN SONS, helped in keeping him behind bars...a true goodfella, they don't make them like this anymore!!