Monday, August 2, 2010

The Mafia in SoCal

I have written about the Colombo's many times. I have also written about the Mustang Club. I will write about it now.

It is the 1980's in Orange County Cocaine and partying are all the rage.
Jimmy Casino a man with a prison record and a background in hot dogs opens a Topless Theater in Santa Ana California. The Mustang Club. It is a small topless joint with a moat around the stage. The place is a huge hit! The girls make huge amounts of money and so does Jimmy Casino. He lives in a mansion, he has the hot girls, the cars and everything else.
Jimmy also has debts, he owes everyone. A man who now calls himself William Carrol invests in the club. Bill Carrol has a record and another name. The often incarcerated Los Angeles Mafia Capo Mike "Rizzi" Rizzitello knows Bill from Chino State prison. They used to play tennis. Mike Rizzi was a tough guy. Mike never did big things, he was a worker. He was a shooter for Joey Gallo in the war in Brooklyn. He blasted guys in Los Angeles. Mike was still always broke.
There was a guy who wanted to be like Mike. Joseph Grosso and he sold lingerie at the club. There was a huge bouncer named Big George Yudzavitch. Big George had a past with the Mafia. He used to be with the Gotti crew in Queens. He was a shylock collector. Big George flipped and put guys away. Guys like Joe Piney Armone.
Jimmy Casino gets shot and killed. Real hitmen, these guys rape his girlfriend and steal credit cards. Mike Rizzi and Joseph Grosso shot Bill Carrol in the head. He lives. Big George brags that he helped get rid of the bloody clothes and pistol. Big George is also close to Fat Bobby Paduano. Big George ends up shot to death in an Irvine parking lot. Guess who has an office there?

One little strip club in Santa Ana California.

Kenji OC


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  2. ken:
    what happened to this joseph grosso guy?is he still around??

  3. Joseph Grosso is still locked up. Mike Rizzi was so bad they let him out to die at home.
    Kenji OC

  4. So - Fat Bobby Paduano & the Samoans. Where are they now. What about the Burg crew and DiCarlo

  5. Mike rizzi was from brooklyn originally and with the gallo's in the early 60's when they went to war with profaci as jimmy breslin called them the gang that couldn't shoot straight is it surpising rizzi did not kill this guy bill with shots to the head ,all the gallo shooters have had no luck a few of crazy joe gallo's crew is still around take frank 'puncy illiano now well in his 70's and in a wheelchair but still seen in brooklyn with another of the old gallo gang stevie borrielo illiano managed to get in with the genoveses family along with albert gallo joey's brother and stevie gallo joey's nephew who got made just a few years ago that strikes me odd as the genovese family associates are the ones who killed joey gallo thats loyality to joey huh ??? an stevie borriello desite his big brother bobby made it big in the gambino family with gotti then was wacked himself in 1991 yet stevie is barred from ever getting made his name was put on the list with late preston geritano another gallo guy from the 70's who they said was nuts , in stevie's case he was known all his life to be a drug user so he could neber get made abd surpising enough he never ever did time and he has is said to have wacked more then one person since the 70's maybe he has one of those get out of jail free cards also you know what i mean , well theres a few more of the old gallo gang left and some are still hanging around presidents street even still waiting for the real mafia to make a come back 'good luck on that one , but i have to give crazy joe gallo credit he was not crazy he was what a gangster was supposed to be stand up in your face and would beat the crap out of anyone who he had to even neil dellacroce the former and late underboss of the gambino family who was widely feared himself it did not matter to joey who kicked his ass on mulberry street at luna's back in the 60's , welll here's to you joey one real wiseguy others hated because he was doing what they all were supposed to be doing being a real gangster i think that sums it up .

  6. Fat bobby is the man!! Nothing better then playing as a kid with Anthony. Rocky , Dina and more and having the FBI take photos of us kids PLAYING only repeat KIDS but little did they know these kids got Skillz too.

    From Tustin High School, now what we handled out biz