Monday, June 14, 2010

Mafia Father, Informant Son.

John Franzese Jr better enjoy what he has in life now.  When the Government is finished using him on this case he will lose his bargaining chip.  I was an informant for 8 years, I did a job.  I never crossed into an area like John Franzese Jr.  John is really killing his father Sonny.  This is the end of Sonny's life no matter what the outcome.  John is sending him to an isolated cold death.  He could be out enjoying his family, having the comforts of old age.  Instead he will die in the cold prison hospital yet to be determined.  
I knew John when he was in California.  I still have his card from Odessa House, the sober living home he lived at in Santa Monica.  I went to his favorite place to eat with him.  The Bowling Alley.  I was on his TV show.  I can see why he would testify against Ori Spado.  Ori used to use John for his name and his father.  Then behind John's back he would call him a rat and show people Ganglandnews.  

I am sure Sonny Franzese just got old.  He was greedy.  Maybe he needed the money.  Sonny without a doubt knew Ori Spado was a rat.  I sent him the tape of Ori speaking to the FBI.  
Sonny knew John had turned him in to the FBI before.  He still trusted John to drive him around.  John was out taking money from people.  John could never be trusted.

One person who trusted John was his wife in California.  She sold her home and moved into an apartment with John.   She traveled to New York with her young son to meet Sonny.  They all had a very good time.  Then one day John was acting funny, very nervous and he was pacing back and forth in the garage.  John had hidden a duffel bag in the garage.  He told his wife he was okay.  She went back out and he was gone.  She has never heard from him again.  She even reported him missing.  He left her and her son alone.  

That is what the Mafia is all about.  Father against Son, Son against Father, Brother against Brother, Friend against Friend.

I am on the Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV on Tuesday night.  I am also on The Aftermath Show!

Kenji OC


  1. It most certainly is mr gallo. I will not post my name here. You have talkd abt me several times not really knowin me personally. And you were right and wrong abt ur thoughts. Im just here to say id never rat someone out like you have its not in me to do no matter the situation. But I do agree with what u say abt the scumbags from around these parts.Id rather kill them then rat on them.

  2. The Medellin team was fucking embarassing on Deadliest Warrior.
    Both you and that illiterate spic Michael Corleone Blanco are some unskilled bitches.

    The Somali guys even though they are constantly portrayed as some rag-tag poor excuse for soldiers,which most of them probably are,actually had skill.

    You on the other hand always say you're very "capable",how you were a "stick-up kid" and were in dangerous "gang wars",and yet you didn't do shit.

    You weren't capable of doing a fucking close range drive-by,which even an unskilled bottom feeder gangbanger which doesn't know which way a gun is pointed knows how to do.
    Come to think of it it wasn't even a drive-by.The bike stopped before it opened up at the car.

    The Somali guy did a 'drive-by' from a moving boat from 200 fucking yards away and had great hits.

    So much for how dangerous you are.

  3. i saw the show yesterday and u look like a gay midget lol

  4. gay midgets are fuckin' hot woohoo!!! :)

    ...even more so than Hasidic kids with downs syndrome.