Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teddy "Skinny" Persico

What is my former friend up to? Teddy loves being locked up. This way he can be king and not deal with everyday life.
I am still here and not a thing has happened to me. What Colombo Family? What Persico?

The Mafia is a joke. Look at Teddy!

Sources say the sentencing guidelines for the six other defendants range from a low of 18-to-24 months to a high of about seven years. Russo’s tentative plea agreement is said to be in the three-to-four year range.But not so fast. All bets may now be off thanks to an announcement last week by capo Theodore (Skinny Teddy) Persico, who is charged with extortion. He is considering representing himself in the case and going to trial. Persico made the threat at a status conference before Judge Kiyo Matsumoto. Persico’s own attorney Jonathan Marks, was sick that day and couldn’t make it to court. Asked by Gang Land about his client’s startling assertion, Marks said he is planning to confer with him as soon as possible.No matter what Skinny Teddy decides to do, however, Gang Land expects the global plea deal to be worked out and agreed to by all the other parties. Persico is slated for trial for racketeering and murder in June, and if need be, his extortion charges could easily be folded into that case.

This guy is bright just like his Uncle Carmine Gimpy Arm Persico.

Kenji OC


  1. what happens to caci's spot? what did he have going? is steve cino still active? is that guy vince lupo a made guy?

  2. Would you shut the fuck up already? Same story over and over..You're like an attention craving child who can't let his 5 mins of fame go. You calling people a joke and talking about how they have no honor... but YOU FLED from them because you were scared? now you're behind a computer trying to mock them and someone you've never even met before (Carmine), who's still in prison for a life sentence... if you are not the definition of a lowlife coward, i don't know who is.

    What's the point of this blog? Are you trying to show that you're not afraid of them? Cuz it actually makes you look like little a bitch. LOL The fact that you are typing "the mafia is a joke" on your little computer somewhere while you're in HIDING ACROSS THE COUNTRY doesn't get your message across!!!

    Of course you would be proud of being called a rat too...look at your life- you were married to a woman who sucked dick all day for a living and went home to kiss you at night lol LOL You Are The Definition of a JOke and a failure!! Making insults about an 80 year old man's arm like fuckin little teenage girl. How proud are you of your ugly gook face you little greasy eggroll? you won ton. LOL No wonder you got beat up when you were a kid, you couldn't see the punches coming...was it fun bein the only person in Bay Ridge who couldn't open their eyes!!

  3. This guy 'skinny teddy' is not the same 'teddy do over persico' right , there cousins if im correct ?? is this the case where joe padilo that moron is a co defendant ? the coulumbo's have alot of real idiots in there family in the age group of mid forty's and under mostly ,i have noticed craig marinos name does not even come up anywhere these days except perhaps his house and more idiots that thought he was really somebody, as far as the record shows kenji saved him from death he should be thanking this man . we have new names popping up in the streets and alot of old names wiill be coming home in the next 1 to 3 years should be fun to see them inter act in more then 1 family i war is so over do out there in again more then 1 family , the luccesse family is the first that i think has unhappy members and guys who feel stepped over , the gambno family looks like a total mess the once most organized family is the least organized fall it seems how do they know who to kick up to is beyond me , the bonano's anther messs and rat after rats , and the genovese still the ivy league of the 5 familys so they say , but looking at some of there guys it makes me wonder . And who knows how many guys left new york t try and make it in florida or california ect places that have hadrly any mob and if so are week in numbers as well as aggession most guys today can't even make it else where so new york is way over there heads , ken your book is up there as one of the best entertaining to come out you cover california great before yours jimmy the weasel did with his way to long book that pt me to sleeep with all the dinasours he spoke about your days in the 1980's as a blow dealer is more impressive then the made guys finacial worth today , yes there are many exceptions some have it all others have none it seems , what a mess and the feds need to nail all the russians now . Also look at shows like mob wifes the stupidest show since jersy shore there beggin to get people in trouble . thats all for now the mob is finnally starting to be a boring organization what kind of gangsters refuse to go to war when need be or do not kill anyone cause there scared of the cops what a joke they might as well pack it in and try to find job's if they can .

  4. HELLO I must youse this forum to express my feelings on the new series mob wifes when a show like that makes it on the air kenji's prediction saying 'what mob ' IS SO TRUE , i watched it in disgust that big ang ho talking about her past relatives like thay matter sally dogs is dead history his name dont mean a thing to the mob any morem really the cast is full of people not one married to a real made mobster a couple have a have fathers who are are use to be someone , then big ang brings her punk oxycotten dope addict looking son on the show and anyone who knows the streets after looking at him and listenin to him can tell he's a dope addict and yes oxy is worse then street herion its stronger and lasts longer , amd thats what he is obn so please keep him home next time , carla had a father who got wacked and found in a trunk he was a kuchessee family capo and they probably did that to him , gravano she married a ghetto og black guy in his words not mine who sounds like he beats her ass and she looked like it when he got loud on the phone , so sammy did get punished knowing his only daughter is being vio;ated in a bed by a person he would have pissed on when he was with john , imagine john and him were still on top and she brought home cornroll crack dealer imagine the intro this is my dad sammy dad this is the orig o.g twin black from the projects im having his baby im sue sammy was thrilled when karen got knocked up , please tell your story walking karen , then drita your husband is a two bit bank robber your not an never were in any life get over it move on get off tv . then theres renee graziano ok your dad is a bonanno big shoty o was your fluny husband turned states witness your dad will die in the can while you probably get back togethr with him if you have not already an you talked about katren first episode staged probably , an ramonna lefty rugerrio 's granddaughter who married an a rab and has a couple kids that are as ugly as the terrorists we see on tv a couple are cute though but not the a rab looking ones your grand dad rolled over in his grave , an your dad is legit marco was shark bait so he could not have been your dad , my point that what the mob has come to reality telivision , whats next mobsters being followed around wait they tryed that with chris columbo the dons youngest son that was a good example of a fat pif faced jerk off stull gragging oer there father who joey gallo should have took that family from way back in 71 , or from profaci in 62 another pieace of shit ,final note big ang raiola next get on intervension with your darling ugly son aj and get him off dope .. the mob is a joke in 2012 the 80's may have been the l;ast decade it still had some swagger the 90's were pushing it but yes there were still some real deal gangsters that were active thats as far as i can go an even if one or two were the real thing what good if the rest of there famlies were sell outs ,,, there history just like train robbers jesse james ya know ,,an a few of the newer guys coming up have what it takes but for what there getting into a scam get out and channel your smarts else where guys ,, save the negative comments i know the truth hurtsd plus i will not respond . kenny hope to continue reading your updates , you gave the coyumbo's a good kick in the behind .

  5. oh thats teddy persico the guy who could not get hard when porn stra dayton rains tryed to fuck him , teddy must have gotten use to boy ass fucking in state prision those 16 years , also johnny googles never fucked dayton rains that was a bunch of hype cause teddy was dating her and people wanted teddy to get jealous so he would go after john b who ever believes that one wants to but the truth is the truth and disgusting the guy took a flick with her and she hung around with wiseguys they say nicky fucked her as well , one thing if jb did then nicky would never have so don't believe that bullshit teddy do over was the guy she tryed to seduce and sounds like it did not work due to his limp dick they made a lot of bullshit about her and this one and that one she was brought down for teddy plus mobsters don't share girlfiends thats one thing that is still the same , even associates i know are strict when it comes to that and get turned off easy to a girl that was with frankie crumb cake one day and jo jo the beast the next .

  6. It was predicted a long time ago, like the 1960's, by Ralph Salerno, a former New York cop and expert on the New York mob, that as the mob
    got more and more legit, the less likely they would be willing to kill,
    because it's all about money and profits. Personally, I think the real
    mob died after the commission case in the mid to late 1980's. Vinny the Chin was the real boss of bosses, not Gotti. Supposedly, the Genovese
    family is still considered the ivy league, and the FBI says that Italian organized crime still is the biggest threat to our economy. The Colombo
    family is a joke. If they let Little Vic Orena take over, it probably
    would have become a viable family, but Persico wants to still control it.
    Also, the guys today are generations removed from the old mob and the old Italian mentality. This is not a short conversation. The biggest world wide mafia today, Google it and look it up, is Ndrangheta. That's the Calabrian mafia (southern italian). Their profits a year are equal to four Mexican drug cartels (google it). Besides, the Euro is stronger than the dollar. So, no more fresh Italian blood will be coming here soon.