Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Colombo Family

The emails I get are great!  Funny stuff.  People claim I hide but I am out in the open everyday in Los Angeles.
Yes I wore a wire for 8 years.  Yes I wore a wire in Teddy Persico's house.
I also wore a wire whenever I went to BIG R Trucking on Staten Island.  The was Eddie Garafolo and Teddy Persico's place.  The best part?  I also saw Steve Marcus there many times and the FBI later turned him.
Steve was a long time family friend of Eddie G's.  So now Eddie and Teddy sit in MDC Brooklyn.
I wonder why after all the tapes I made on Eddie and his family the rest are still on the streets?  Why did Eddie G not go down with Teddy the first time?  The got Teddy and his brothers because of me.  Yet Eddie who was with me the most......Nothing??????
How is the Town Drunk Aka Danny Persico?  Aero's?  Drinking?  Tommy Shots will be gone soon and then it will be Persico time.

Steve Marcus got Michael Persico! I always liked Teddy.  He was the real deal. From his own mouth-

"If it was up to me, I'd go get a gun and shoot them, or stab them, or beat them up when I seen 'em," he said. "I got nothing. They can't fuck with me because I got nothing to lose and they got everything to lose."
Kenji OC


  1. Hello there brooklynites when i get bonafide info i love sharing it Louis Fontana who is John baudanza's guy in the luchessee family has been of the radar more or less snce coming out of jail in 09 waiting for his capo johnny b to come home from an 8 year streatch at allenwood federal well he's down to maybe a year or so . Back to big lou from south brooklyn carroll gardens we have knowledge that he settled a couple beefs out in the west coast from the comfort of brooklyn that alone caught my attention since one beef was with a pretty tuff fellow out in vegas now i asked around and it seems something has put a fire under Big Lou he has in few cases started beefs that were either left alone for years or forgotten about but Big Lou has brought them all back up and already word is he made good on one with a bonnano hanger on slapping him then chasing him with a knife and has vowed to get back at a few others who he claims disespected him in the past but my inside sorce said Fontana is being a bully which he never really was when john was out now is this him getting even with people on his own ?s he making a poit ? or did he get instructions to start letting everyone know his capo j.b is coming home and Louie is right by his side causing damage to anyone who say the wrong thing ?? who knows ,but as a kid he hung with the gambino's and was well like by a few bully's like sorty masscuzio an later on Bobby Boriello , Now he has been with his child hood close pal John Baudanza who is no push over and has ben with him for atleast 10 years even though they go ack to the early 80's as best friend's but who really know's he has laid low for the past 3 years and is back if only to break a few heads and get ready for his bosss to get back all i know is lou not being a capo or bss is able to settle beefs on the west coast in vegas and los angelas says somethig about this guy the street knows something we don't about him he must ahave dropped bodies who knows but an average associate don't settle beefs a few thousand miles away with a few calls , we are keeping an eye out on Big Lou Fontana if he manages to not get killed when J.B gets out im sure he is going to be seen in his presence alot . From what we know lou is a baudanza loyalist and goes wIth J.B on anything he wants him to . Just when things get quiet in brooklyn this maniac surfaces so who knows what if anything that crew has plans for , if Jb wasn't in h can he was in line to take over his father in laws title as capo of the varo crew an then some which Big John C was given by the boss stevie crea 10 years ago this john c was an associte caught for major drug dealing and did ten year now he is a capo running a large crew which are dangrous an have a big turf ,,, time will tell hats for sure . Tommy B orig 18th ave resident .


  3. When the name changed from hollywood mafia to breakshot alot of bloggers did not follow also ken you don't post new story's as often is it because there is not much action going on out there .Me i think thats the case there are no more big names in the mob extremely few alot of these new guys who got made over the past 10 years commit stupid crimes and get busted in no time like the ice cream truck that was sellig oxycotton in staten island that is a disgrace as a mob operation no brains out there , not much of anything out there any more .But ken the book was very good haters say it stinks but they know it was a good book as well just won't admit it .

  4. Show your face in brooklyn . RAT!

  5. Greetings From what i have been reading lately it's alot of gossip that is over the top stories or down right bullshit , as a brooklynire for the past 47 years i hear and see things as good as the next guy and the fact is there is not anything to talk about on the street's as far as o.c goes , your average mecxican pot dealers are making more cash then the mob these days everyone is a rat out there today. I think when we see television reality shows on every week talking about the mob and names that are still alive today it's fair to say there is no more muscle behind any left hustle out there less then 25 years ago that shit would not fly 'am i right ' so like the old west it makes for not so good movies and shows on your local cable broadcast ,

  6. Im reading alot of bull people are making up storys cause they just don't like a person. Well if that's the case stop going on.websites and face people like a man you bunch of lying stool pigeons. You understand you won't come out in the open because you know your making up lies and your a punk. So watch who s name you mention punk because its all lies . You trash pail