Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbye Eddie Garafolo Jr

Eddie loved to gamble.  He used to have pictures of himself with those huge checks that you get when you win big.  Uncle Manny used to say "Ask him how much he lost to win those"  Eddie was a bad gambler.
I spent a lot of time with Eddie. I used to go to his old truck lot in Downtown Brooklyn on Butler. It was the old Bonafide Fuel Oil Truck lot.  He had Big R trucking based out of his cousin Keith's porn warehouse.
Big R was named after Eddie's son.  Later he would move to a truck lot on Staten Island that was owned by his Gambino cousin Eddie "The Chink" Garafolo.  I made some great recordings at both lots.  I recorded Eddie and Teddy there.  I also recorded Steve Marcus and his son.  Today they are all paying, well except Uncle Manny!

The wife of a Colombo mobster yesterday admitted in Brooklyn federal court that she not only knew about “the family” business — she was in it.

Stunning mom-of-three Alicia DiMichele, 38, the wife of jailed wiseguy Edward “Tall Guy’’ Garofalo Jr., appeared in court to cop to pilfering union-pension funds while working for a mob-tied construction firm.

“My role was that I worked as the bookkeeper for DM Trucking and Big R Trucking, and I prepared the invoices and reports with knowledge that they were false,” the faltering mob-ette was forced to acknowledge to the judge as part of a deal that could land her up to six months behind bars.

So how long will Eddie and Teddy get?  Then ask this question: who else around them flipped? 

Kenji OC


  1. so who took over caci's spot? fat steve? is he still active? did caci he have a crew?

  2. Kill urself! Rat
    Everyday u gotta wake up to the rat! You fake tough guy!

  3. Your boy Teddy took a 12 year plea deal last week. Any thoughts on it? If he went to trial were the feds going to put you on the stand?

  4. The big news right now is with the bonanno family and thre new rat who is taking down the new street boss vinny t.v 'i have to laugh at the stupid nicknames , as for the other familys no one is doing anything soldiers out there from all 5 familys are holding on to what little they have and alot have resorted to living off there legit construction companty or legit pizza shop , the rest some are back to getting swag once in awhile or running numbers or loansharking its meat and potatos for these guys who are by no means making any real money anymore and the 3 or 4 that are probably married intop it or sold there grandparents house that wa left to them , times have changed the russians are making more cash with drugs and so are the chinese ,albanians ect its not 1975 anymore ,and dont believe half the bull people write its gossip .

  5. Did anyone else se that matty the horse ianiello the capo from the genovese family passed away on april 15th 2012 , noow there was a guy who goes back in the mob for the past 5 decades and was defiantly stand up the way all the old timers were , he was one of the first mob guys to open up fag clubs and bars seeing the semand and knowing you can over charge them and they were gladly payig for there over charged beers and mixed drinks back in the late 60's early 70's , he also was owner of umbertos clam bar with his brother and there the night joey gallo got hit , he was in his mid 80's and part of the last group of widseguys from all familys who are the dieing breed of old timers who have been around since when the mob was the mob and meant something , today there is no honor in getting made when your sponsor will probably flip befopre you do , and make no mistake the goverment has turned down tons of mob guys who wanted to flip to save themnselves from jail but did noy have enough info for them or someone beat them to it , so dont think all the guys who get 15 year or 20 years are all stand up many wanted to join team f.e.d but did not cut it .

  6. So changing gears here Kenny, between your long travels from the blog...Griselda is gone. 25 years later, does this represent partial justice to the Avila family?

  7. And now Eddie's wife is playing on the VH1 hit show Mob Wives? What ever happened to layin low?