Sunday, September 27, 2015

Frankie Loc & John Gotti Sr.

Frank (Frankie Loc) Locascio is 78 years old and hooked up to an oxygen tank. He does not want to suffer the fate of his former boss John Gotti Sr.  That is, to die in prison wasting away toothless in some infirmary.  Frankie Loc was convicted in1992 and he was sentenced to life in prison.  He has exhausted all his appeals and now wants the FBI to release and enhance a tape he claims will exonerate him.  The tape was recorded inside the apartment above the Ravenite Social Club in Little Italy where Gotti Sr held meetings.  The FBI had wired up the place when the old lady who lived there was gone.

The tapes are great because they show how much John Gotti thought of himself while he was speaking freely.  This was one of the many reasons that Sammy Gravano flipped. John Gotti bad mouthed him to others in the tapes.

Sammy later claimed that Frankie Loc and himself were planning on killing Gotti Sr if they beat their case.  They never did and Sammy went to Team USA and Frankie Loc went down with Gotti Sr.  Frankie Loc even proclaimed Gotti Sr a great guy at the trial.

The Ailing Frankie Loc now claims his ticket to freedom is in a December 12, 1989 tape that the US Attorney used to convict him.  He claims that the inaudible part of the tape is when he told Gotti Sr that Louie DiBono was coming to see him with 50k and that he should just take it and let him be.  

This is the same tape that Gotti Sr was ranting on about Sammy Gravano killing everyone and taking companies.  I would say that Gotti’s biggest problem was his mouth.  Sounds like he just liked to hear himself talk.

The Federal Judge who sentenced Frankie Loc has ordered a hearing to consider giving Frankie Loc the tapes.  The FBI claims they would give away investigator methods.  It was 26 years ago and everyone is dead, locked up or close to dead now.  The technology has changed so much and they already played the Gotti Sr tapes at trial anyway.  It seems like the the only thing that makes sense is to enhance them and let the old guy either get out, or die trying.

Frankie Loc will not be able to attend the trial because he is too sick to travel.  They may let him out on compassionate release soon anyway.

Frankie Loc was the Gambino Family Consigliere under Gotti and after his conviction his position filled immediately.  Out of sight out of mind.  I wonder how much or if anything anyone ever sent him besides his family?  Did the Gambino family take care of him?  How many guys in power now even know him?  Do they care?  These are interesting questions.

Gotti Sr hated him even after he said such nice things about him.  Sammy Gravano wrote in his book that he and Frankie were planning to Murder Gotti Sr if they beat their case.  Gotti, I am sure, was told by somebody what Sammy wrote.  He flew into one of his rages and he asked the Aryan Brotherhood Prison gang to murder Frankie Loc.  

The Feds found out about this and Frankie Locs was put on lockdown. He stayed there for a long time and he had to file suit to get out.

John Gotti Sr. and Junior did a lot to weaken the Gambino family.  Everyone around Gotti Sr has suffered a lot.  Frankie Loc and Joe Watts have had a lot of horrible years between them.   To think they might actually make a movie about John Gotti Senior is sad.  He was never a great mob boss, but because his name has recognition they want to glorify his life on the screen.  Let's hope they tell the truth about him.   I’m sure they won't mention in the movie how he had a regular guy murdered for accidentally running over his own foolish child (John Gotti Jr’s brother).    Gotti’s son had driven a mini bike into traffic when it was not road safe and he was too young to drive.

If Junior Gotti really changed like he claims, he would let the family of that murdered man know what happen to him when he “disappeared” thirty years ago.

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  1. Not to mention wasn't gotta jr involved in the beating of guardian angel leader Curtis Sliwa all because Sliwa was simply practicing his right to free speech??? Fuckin' guinea turd :)