Sunday, April 10, 2016

Great Friends in the Mafia

Gennaro Bruno aka Gerry was a Gambino associate who pled guilty this week to the murder of his one-time friend. That is how they murder you when you are in the life.  The movies all show these guns walking in places and blasting away, but in reality it is a friend that shoots you.

Gerry had started out in a farm team gang that was affiliated with the Gambino family. They were called the Liberty Posse or Young Guns, and they were violent.  Gerry soon graduated to the big time by becoming part of Joseph (JoJo) Corozzo’s crew when he was a capo.

Nicholas "Little Nick" Corozzo, JoJo’s brother, was the one time boss of the Gambino family until he was locked up.  The family was run by a panel until recently, when it was taken over by Sicilian members.

The Corozzo crew was big into gambling and shylock.  They were not above taking cash from drug dealers.  

Gerry and his crew distributed thousands of pounds of marijuana from Canada. Martin Bosshart wanted to exclude a Gambino from the business.  The Gambino family set word that he was not to do it.  Martin Bosshart cut him out so the order was handed down.  Gerry and Todd LaBarca lured him to a deserted part of Queens where they shot him in the head while he was taking a piss.

Those were friends of Martin Bosshart, could you imagine what they would do if they were enemies?

Gerry started working for a carting company and he was soon picked up for extortion.  
They were shaking down companies to haul away their waste.

Gerry had moved to Las Vegas and gotten married, but the FBI picked him up on October 28, 2014.  

He will now have to serve 21 years for the murder of Martin Bosshart.

What kind of life glorifies killing your friends for a few dollars.  A human life is worth so much more.  

The life has a way of shifting the way you think.  Good is what you believe is good and bad is what you are told is bad.  

Most people believe they are doing good at whatever they do, but their logic is twisted.

There were people I got to know in the life who I liked, and who I felt were “good.”  Los Angeles Capo Jimmy Caci was a good guy and the same with Teddy Persico.  My idea of “good” was twisted too.

Today I feel sorry for both of them.  They spent most of their lives in prison, but never learned a new way of life.

Maybe Gerry will have learned a new way by the time he gets out.  

John “Specs” Baudanza is out and I wonder if he learned?  Did Eddie Garofalo learn a thing?

Time will tell!

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  1. I feel learning a new way of life is the first step indeed but one must stay away from PEOPLE ,PLACES AND THINGS the old People ,Place's and Thing's that were part of there daily criminal life . Third one must have oppourtunity an open door somewhere that will let them earn a living in a legitimate fashion that;s the thing that may be hardest to find for many but that;s just my opinion from my own experience .