Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Farmer: Enrico Ponzo

Marsing, Idaho: a small ranching community located in the Snake River valley that lists a population of 1,316.  

They can update that population to 1,315 because Jeffery John Shaw will now be a guest of a Federal prison for the next 30 years.  

The man, locally known as Jay, lived a peaceful, uneventful life for a decade in Marsing.  He was often seen wearing overalls and a straw hat.  Jay knew nothing about cattle or ranching, but he was a hard worker, so he fit in with the locals.

They may have wondered about his Boston accent, but they say he did his work and the past is the past.

Cara Lyn Pace could tell a different story.  Cara was Jay’s girlfriend for many years and she knew a different side to Jay.

Jay was not Jay but Enrico Ponzo, a Boston area gangster who was part of the renegade faction that tried to murder Francis Salemme, aka “Cadillac Frank,” the man who took over as boss of the Patriarca crime family in New England.

The long time boss Raymond Patriarca died and the family started to fall apart.  The New York Families voted for his son Junior to take over as boss.  

Junior had a sad run as a boss because he did not have the respect his father had on the street.  

He did have the distinction of letting the FBI record an initiation ceremony because his driver was an FBI informant.

So the family had a civil war and some hard times.

Ponzo was in the crew headed by renegade Capo Robert Carrozza aka Bobby Russo and he took part in numerous shootings.  He also helped distribute drugs for the crew.

Then he disappeared three years before the Feds dropped the hammer on the family.  He fled and lived on the lam for almost twenty years.  He was wanted by the US Marshalls.

Ponzo lived off a dirt road quietly all those years, part of them with his girlfriend Cara.  They had two kids. After she left him, he sued for custody.  He made threats and tried to scare her into giving him custody.

The US Marshals watched him for a week in February 2011 and then when he was driving down a dirt road, they arrested him.  

They found 100k in cash, 65k in gold coins, 30 guns and 65,000 rounds of ammunition in his home when they searched it.

If he hadn’t threatened Cara or sued for custody, he would still be living his quiet farm life. Last week he just got another four years added to his sentence for the guns.

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