Sunday, May 22, 2016

Genovese Family Takes Another Hit

The Genovese Family has taken a few hits as of late. Considering it is the largest and the most intact family of the five New York families, I am sure they will not miss a step.  Last week the FBI along with the NYPD took down a crew that was associated with two inducted members of Genovese family.  A total of 18 people were taken down in a coordinated raid on May 12th.  

The two main leaders were Robert De Bello aka Old Man and Steven Pastore.  Both are Genovese family soldiers.  The indictment claims they both answered to capo Petey “Red” DiChiara at a social club in downtown Manhattan.

They ran a sports book which took in more than $2k a day from at least 2008 until now.

Gambling brings in the cash without much punishment.  The problem is that most of these guys have to get involved in all sorts of other deals.

Robert DeBello somehow got pulled into a plot to murder an associate. Ryan Ellis decided to murder a person who is referred to as Victim-1 in the indictment, but has since been identified as Joseph Bonelli.  It all started over a beef in which Ellis got the short end. Salvatore Delligatti aka Fat Sal, a member of the DeBello crew, was working with some Crip gang members that were hired to do the hit.  They stalked Joseph Bonelli for two nights but were pulled over by the police and caught with pistols. I will bet that Robert DeBello had very little to do with this murder plot.  You do not get paid to do a hit in the mob and why hire outsiders to do work?  Robert DeBello is a low key soldier who declined a promotion in the family. He was last arrested in 2001 in a racketeering case and he ended up pleading guilty to one count of assault in aid of racketeering.

Steven Pastore was last arrested in 2005 with some New Jersey Genovese.  He was an associate then and he was just running a numbers game.

Those two brought in some more people – Luigi Romano, Bertrem Duke, Tyrone Mccullum, Marcus Grant, and Sharif Brown.

Law enforcement was watching.  This is a nice 24 page indictment that is heavy on history and explanation.  It seems a bit light on crimes.  

Four of the men face 20 years for racketeering conspiracy, which today is a catchall that is hard to beat. DeBello, Pastore, Ellis and Delligatti will have to beat that charge or plead it down.

Three of the men: Pastore, Ellis and Delligatti face life because of the enhanced weapons charges.

The Feds like to jack up the charges when guns are involved.  This is kind of funny because on the streets gangbangers are blasting people everyday but they rarely if ever bring these kinds of charges.  

It just seems as if everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing.  Running a bookmaking operation and bringing in cash and not worrying about some beef.  Then this would be a bookmaking arrest.  Instead, it's a racketeering murder for hire case.  

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