Sunday, May 29, 2016

Online Escorts and the Gambinos

There is a lot going on lately on the street.  The locals and the Feds are hammering the families again, and I am sure it will not be long until they come down with a massive bust.  The families had been catching a breather all over because everyone was focused on terrorists.

It is my opinion that anyone who is or was in law enforcement and commits crimes should be locked up for much longer than any other criminal.

Michael “Bruce” Rizzi is one of those stellar people I will write about today.

Rizzi was a 9 year veteran NYPD officer who retired on a disability pension. You know what that means? Tax free money aka our money, that we have paid in taxes to the government.

In 2009 Rizzi was indicted with 29 other people in a massive bookmaking ring.  The ring took in 567 million dollars in bets in a 28 month period while they were being watched.  Gambling is the staple of organized crime because the amount of cash it brings into the organization is astronomical.  The penalties are not as bad as other crimes.  Rizzi had around 400 bettors and he was charged along with the others but he ended up pleading out to a misdemeanor.

Rizzi just happens to be married to Jill Giuliano who has a father who is a Gambino soldier and an uncle Sonny Giuliano who is a capo.  

Sonny had a large shylock operation back in the early 2000’s and he had some interst in stripbars.

Rizzi must have learned his lesson and got out of bookmaking; or he just found a more lucrative addiction to exploit.  This time Rizzi had taken over an escort business which he ran out of Travis, Staten Island. BJM consultants is the company that he used to control up to 58 websites where he advertised his escorts.  The escorts charged between 400-2000 an hour for their services. BJM took in more than 2 million in credit card charges in 5 months this year.
They may never know how much more in cash the escorts brought into the business.

Rizzi used the name Bruce in email correspondence with prospective escorts. The websites had forms for escorts to fill out if they wanted to work for BJM.

He claimed he had been in the business for over 10 years and never had a problem.  He told escorts that he had the wealthiest clients in New York and his escorts made the most money.

He was out on a 500k bail for a minute and then he was arrested for a gun found at his home when they searched it.  If Law Enforcement follows the cash, it will be interesting to see where it ends up.

I would like to know who he kicked up cash too.  

Rizzi’s lawyer is already claiming he was running a legitimate business that provided companionship and not sex.  No matter what he claims, it is a sad business.  They exploit the girls and the clients.  

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