Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Persico Life

I heard from a friend this week that Daniel “Danny” Persico passed away.  I've called Danny a few names over the years, but he was not a bad guy.  I remember the last time I saw Danny I was in Aero in Brooklyn. Danny was at the bar and he asked me if I wanted to go to the Blue Zoo.  I went, and that was the last time I would be on that street.  

Danny is the son of Colombo Capo Theodore Persico Sr., who is the brother of the boss Carmine “The Snake” Persico. Danny’s brothers were Carmine, Sean and Teddy Jr.

Danny was the one who helped set up the limo ride for his brother Teddy when he was released from Greenhaven after 17 years.  

Danny was also the person Teddy called on the phone when we were on the way to his mother's home to get his gear.  

Danny was indicted in a pump and dump stock case in 2000. He was involved with White Rock Partners and State Street Capital Markets, two firms which pumped up the value of penny stocks.  Investors lost 40 million dollars in the scams.

Danny used to work hard as a kid.  He always had a job.  He was good at sports and he loved them.  It was only after his brother Teddy went away that he started frequenting the bars.

A lot of people think life in the mafia is glamorous.  It is not.  Danny never really had a chance to make the most of his life.

Theodore Persico Sr., his father, went away for 22 years and was only recently released.  Danny’s brother Teddy just took a deal for 12 years in prison.  His brother Carmine has been in the system for years.  Allie Boy Persico is away for life for ordering the murder of Wild Bill Cutolo and other crimes.

Carmine “The Snake” Persico, at 82 years old, the only defendant left from the Commission Case, is still incarcerated.

He filed a motion for a sentence reduction based on some newly received information from the FBI.  Carmine has been away 31 years but he still is the boss of the family, so let's see how the FBI and the Judge react to his motion.

He kept control through the war in the 1990’s when Vic Orena and Wild Bill Cutolo tried to break away and take over the family.  Allie Boy took over and since he went away the family has been run by panels of capos and street bosses that ultimately answer to Carmine.

Carmine’s son Michael Persico, who for a long time portrayed himself as a legitimate businessman, is facing some time away.  Michael keeps trying to put off his sentencing and take back his plea.  He better be careful, this is ground his father covered and he ended up with a long sentence.

Carmine may live and get out. What is left?  The streets have changed.  Teddy Jr., who I liked, will get out - but will he change?

“What are you going to do, put me in jail? I don't own nothing. I got no wife, I got no kids. I can act like a fool. ” Teddy Persico Jr

RIP Danny Persico


  1. Thanks for not bashing my friend.
    Nice words.
    RIP DP

    1. Heaven gained an angel
      Miss you dearly

  2. Rest in peace DP GOD BLESS YOU AMEN.

  3. DP I miss you.....