Sunday, June 12, 2016

Unearthing a New England Mafia Murder Victim

The FBI, Providence Police Department and Rhode Island State Police started digging behind a warehouse at 715 and 725 Branch Avenue Providence.  The were looking for the body of Steven Disarro, who served as the manager of the Boston nightclub, “The Channel” in 1993.

Steven Disarro was the father of five children when he went missing.  The story that law enforcement has gone with came from Whitey Bulger’s best friend Steve “The Rifleman” Flemmi.

Steven Disarro was the front owner/manager of The Channel, which had been a popular rock club but had turned into a highly profitable strip club in South Boston.  The FBI was all over the club because they believed that the boss of the New England family, Frank Salemme, and his son Frank Jr. had a hidden interest in the club. Steven had some tax problems and he was friendly with someone who was cooperating with the law.  That was enough to get him murdered by the Mafia.

The story goes, they lured him to Frank Salemme’s home, where Frank Jr. strangled him while Frank Sr., Jackie Salemme and Mark Rossetti allegedly watch and later finished him off.

This all came from the Rifleman.  The Feds recently used him as a witness to put Whitey away forever.

Frank Salemme would survive a Mafia war and reign for a few years before he was taken down.  When he was taken down he learned that Flemmi and Bulger were long time informants and had been giving the Feds information on him for years.  Frank flipped.

Frank Jr. died of AIDS a few years after the murder.

The Rifleman told his handlers that he accidently walked in on the murder and he quickly left.  When he spoke to Frank Sr. about the incident, he was told Bobby DeLuca his underboss helped get rid of Steven Disarro’s body at a Rhode Island construction site.

Bobby DeLuca flipped in the 2000’s and he told the FBI that Steven Disarro was buried at Billy Ricci’s warehouses at 715 and 725 Branch Ave.

Billy Ricci was a long time associate of Bobby DeLuca.

In 2008 Frank Salemme pled guilty to perjury for lying to the FBI during his debriefing when he flipped.  He told the FBI the former boss Nicky Bianco ordered Steven Disarro’s murder.  Frank was given 5 years in the plea bargain.

Three weeks ago Billy Ricci pled guilty to using the warehouse for a large scale marijuana growing operation and it has been said part of the plea deal was to let the FBI searched his property.  

Mark Rossetti who became the Capo in South Boston flipped and worked with the FBI.

That only leaves the brothers Frank and Jackie Salemme to pay the price for this murder.

Three men can keep a secret, if two are dead.

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